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The Kim Jong-illest
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We begin tonight with Lizzy on the phone. That's odd. What could possibly be interesting about Lizzy without the Blooms around? Lizzy: "At some point they're going to figure it out." Oh. Oh my. But really, these shady phone conversations with mystery men about the Blooms' real reason for reactivation need to stop. The more interesting mystery is how this show is still on the air. Lizzy has to get off the phone because Sam calls to her, and Lizzy pretends that she had been rummaging through Samantha's closet for clothes. She comes out with a few dresses to model so Sam can help her decide what to wear for her celebration of 90 days being sober. I wish somebody would celebrate when I'm sober. Then the celebration would never end. Lizzy wants to wear a black dress, but black dresses are obviously something Sam would need for her super-secret doings. Sam lies about needing it for going to dinner with Steven for their first date anniversary trip to San Francisco. Are we sure Lizzy has been sober this whole time, because at this point she must be drunk not to catch on to San Francisco being a big lie. Steven walks in and is more polite than usual in congratulating Lizzy's sobriety, even offering a hug. Lizzy reiterates how important it is to her for Samantha to be in attendance for her celebration. Sam looks her in the eye and tells her she's not going to miss this. That means she's going to miss this.

North Korea at night. We appear to be at some sort of military installation. A man in a ski mask lurks in the shadows outside and watches guards walk by. He times his movement to theirs and sneaks into a building using a key code. Masked Man runs through staircases and hallways and opens up another door with another key code. A guard happens to notice Masked Man on surveillance and sounds the alarm. Masked Man enters yet another room with a key code. So the only way this whole stunt is impressive is if this is not an inside job and this guy does not work for this installation. The last room he enters is a server room. Naturally, Masked Man needs to enter one more key code to open up the cabinet containing our coveted device of the week. He snags it just as guards enter the room. There's no trace of Masked Man except for an open window. Masked Man hangs from the ledge under the window as a guard peers out and then walks away. The window just below Masked Man happens to be open and another man helps him climb in and change out of his skulking attire. Underneath, Masked Man is Business Man, wearing a suit and looking rather nerdy and anxious. The room he has crept back into is a small, run-of-the-mill office with two work stations, and Business Man takes his desk across from his friend just as guards throw open the door. Business Man sits at his desk calmly, but sweaty as the head guard informs him and his co-worker of the break-in. The head guard totally suspects Business Man and just stares at him for a long time until Business Man cites the A/C being broken for his sweating. If it weren't for the window bit, that would be the most impressive part of this whole heist scene.

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