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The Kim Jong-illest

Inside the station, the interrogator pulls out the cutting tool that got Shin's partner to squeal before. The difference is May stays quiet, which essentially and literally means that Shin's partner was weaker than a teenage girl. Good to know.

It's go time. Camille enters the front of the shop pushing a load of textiles. She's stopped by the shop manager and argues with him while Sam sneaks out from under all the clothes. Meanwhile, in the back of the station, Steven and Marcel set off a car alarm and wait for the guards to come out the backdoor to check on it. They promptly knock the two guards out. Once inside, Marcel shoots a guard and begins untying May while Steven takes out another guard. A guard comes out of nowhere and appears to be ready to shoot Marcel when Sam shows up and knocks him out, but the Blooms turn around to find that Marcel has already disappeared with May. Curses!


In The French Getaway Car, Marcel calls Shin and lets him speak briefly with May. It appears Marcel and Camille have gone rogue and want the device for themselves. They'll make an exchange with Won, his daughter for the device, if he meets them at a train station in the morning.

The Blooms get back to the hotel room the next morning, and they're pissed off. Hoyt is just waking up from some glorious sleep, so Steven takes it out on Hoyt for not preventing the double cross. To top things off, Shin is gone. It's all OK, though, because Hoyt bugged the hotel room. There's audio of Shin's phone call with Marcel which details his plan to meet at the train station. Sam leaves immediately to head to the train station. Steven and Hoyt stay behind to watch surveillance video of the symposium to try and figure out where the Delta might be. From the video of Won's presentation, it becomes obvious that he didn't need a remote to change the slides on his presentation, and the remote-like thing in his hand was the device. He stashed it in the podium before his security detail rushed him off the stage. It should still be in there.

At the train station, Shin's grabbed by Marcel and led into The French Getaway Car. The French agents demand the whereabouts of the Delta, but Shin refuses unless they let his daughter go. Marcel pulls a gun on Shin and tells him he's in no position to negotiate. Shin offers his life in exchange for May's, but really Marcel just wants the Delta. Shin reveals that it's in the podium and they should be able to go get it right now. Marcel gets out to go after it and tells Camille in French before he leaves to kill Shin and his daughter when he calls.

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