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The Kim Jong-illest

Blooms' Catering. Lizzy's visibly upset as she works on some food prep on her own. Sam sizes her up from a distance and goes up to her to apologize for missing her celebration. Lizzy's mostly upset because Sam is her only family. We're let in on the fact that their father is likely dead and they have no idea of the whereabouts of their mother. Sam promises it won't happen again. They hug it out.

Out at a fancy restaurant, the Blooms finally share a quiet, romantic dinner. Samantha says they're going to be able to lead a normal life. "I just want to feel everything here is still real," whatever that means. Steven concedes that he's OK with Samantha making decisions without him, and Samantha concedes that she can be more patient. Yech. She can especially wait for their next couples' night. "The last couple that broke bread with us double-crossed us and tried to kill us." That they did, Sam. That they did. The Bloom's toast to dinner for two being all they need tonight and sip their wine together. I never thought I'd miss episodes always ending with the Blooms getting it on.

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