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Variance & Violations
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Previously: Girl Genius Zoe guilted her best friend and fellow cultmember Lacy into upping her involvement in the militant armed faction of their cult. She blew up a car that was supposed to have Clarice Willow in it, but Clarice was too busy watching her best drinking buddy Amanda Graystone jumping off the Pantheon Bridge. After possibly/hopefully rescuing poor old Amanda, Clarice refused to let a little thing like a Barnabus car bomb stop her from going to Gemenon, which the kooks believe is the Holy Land of the OTG but in actuality is a shitty greenscreen world where everybody acts like Legend Of The Seeker all the time.

Meanwhile, Lacy's still in the terrorist group despite having failed the nominal objective, getting Zoe's toaster self to Gemenon before her dad could erase her. Now mostly Lace fires guns at random and acts nuts. Zoe herself, after killing the cutest boy on all Twelve Worlds, drove her truck into a barricade and blew up. I'm guessing she has a plan, because she's Zoe. Our third Gossip Girl, Tamara Adams, is still running around the Matrix acting fly and getting into situations. Her flower symbol has become all the rage, because novelty is everything.

Joe Adama fell into a little bit of a breakdown after his daughter died, eventually getting into drugs and obsessive video gaming, but Tamara appeared to him and his sidekick Emmanuelle (secretly his secretary and future wife Evelyn) and dissuaded him from staying in the Underworld and shooting drugs in his virtual eyeballs. Apparently this did the trick, and how he's better off in the Tauron mafia than maybe even his wonderful murderous brother Sam.

And Daniel? Well, he could never get his daughter to admit she was a robot, and pushed her essentially into killing herself as part of a father/daughter pissing match as old as time. Once his wife found out that he was responsible for getting the mafia involved in his work, she went full retard and left him, to go do some suiciding. He lost his basketball team and his company to Tomas Vergis, a Tauron creepster who bears a grudge, so it turned out the whole thing was futile. Now he drinks and wishes his wife would come back to him and stop making out with cultleader druggies.

All set? So it's some three weeks later and Daniel's watching TV. On the first channel we got Graystone Ind., under Vergis's guidance, moving out armies of toasters on time and, smug giggle, on budget. Next is the FBI guy formerly up Amanda's crazy ass all the time, letting us know the car bomb was STO. Nobody knows, of course, that it was due to terrorist infighting arising from the conflict between Clarice's nutty Joan of Arc thing and Barnabus's nutty Helter Skelter thing, which is to say: Between Clarice's ego and Barnabus's ego.

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