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At some kind of groundbreaking ceremony in the industrial outskirts of the city, the sound of applauding thousands washes over a rainswept field. Which is odd, because there are like 50 people there and they're all too busy holding their umbrellas to clap. Erica's present, as are Tyler and Lisa apart from her, all looking pretty blank and thus fitting in with the visual mood of the scene if not the aural one. Anna steps up onto the stage between a couple of blue energy orbs on poles and silences the cheers with a gesture -- or, more likely, a hidden button to stop the recording. If the Visitors were really here, sitcoms would still have laugh tracks. Anna delivers a speech about sharing technology and how the new Concordia sites -- plural -- are all about that. Her address is also being simulcast on subtitled Jumbotrons in Beijing, Macau, and Tokyo, where it's also daylight even though there's a twelve-hour time difference, and where also nobody cares. With a gesture, Anna cues the two blue energy balls sharing the stage with her, and they go full-on Frankenstein. At the sight of the terrifying, mysterious, 1950s sci-fi lightning, everyone applauds (visibly this time) except Erica, who looks at Anna from the audience like she just shaved her dog. Which is actually not that far from the case.

Kyle and Jack are watching the news coverage of the event. Chad's doing a live stand-up, talking up the new blue energy plants. But his new counterpart Kerry (or She-Chad, as I'm calling her) is playing her skeptic's role to the hilt. In fact, she compares Concordia to a candy store where everything's free. "Be careful what you eat. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered." That'll play well on Jon Stewart tonight. Instead of responding, Chad turns to cast a guilty look at Anna, so I guess the remote Chadcast is over, without so much as a self-congratulatory signoff.

Anna's still on the stage, just having a quiet conversation with Mr. Turtleneck off to one side. They tell each other what they already know, purely for our benefit: now they can start building Concordia sites around the world, "landing sites for the breeding ships will be ready," and "the annihilation of humanity can begin." Anna had better hope nobody in the crowd of dozens has a parabolic microphone, or the ability to read lips, or two neurons to rub together.

Erica heads to her car, but Tyler in his V-pilot jacket and his slightly-less-dorky new haircut stop her. They have a moment under their umbrellas. It's very Four Weddings and a Funeral. Erica says she brought him something, and reaches into her SUV for his dead dad's biker jacket. Tyler slips out of his V jacket and into his dad's, while Anna watches unhappily from across the lot, clearly not failing to recognize the symbolism that's literally obvious from even a hundred yards away. Tyler comes over all emotional, apologizing to Erica for blaming her after Joe's death. Anna looks increasingly pissed as she sees Tyler and Erica hug. Erica invites Tyler over for dinner, and he accepts and walks off, smiling back at her and carrying his V jacket folded under his arm. Erica drives off, past a sinister shot of Ryan watching her go by in his rearview mirror. He'd better not sit around there too much longer if he wants to beat the traffic.

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