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Up on the mothership, No. 2 visits Diana in her swampy bilge (that sounded dirtier than I meant it to, but I'm keeping it), looking very out of place. Although maybe that's because the crappy CGI sets on this show make every actor in every room of the mothership look like a moving Colorform. No. 2 is pretty confused, not to say surprised, that Diana's still alive, and wonders why Anna did this to her. "Human emotion," Diana says simply. As an example of Anna's feelings, she points out the premature-Red-Sky thing, which Marcus downplays. "Anna has exhibited no further signs," he says. Diana points out that Anna disagreed with her 15 years ago when Diana decided to ditch the mission. "Her first emotion, pride, caused her to betray me. Under her leadership, our enemies have grown stronger." Strong enough to almost kill No. 2, in fact, as she points out while stepping forward to put a hand over his wrong-sided heart. When he asks her to get to the point, Diana cites his loyalty to the species, and he says that's why he has to report this meeting to his queen. "I am your queen, Marcus." Diana snaps. And while she's at it, she points out that this little side project where Anna's trying to remove the human soul is as stupid as we viewers already knew it was. No. 2. leaves without arguing the point.

At Fifth Column HQ, Sid has called an emergency meeting of everyone. Which, everyone being himself, Erica, Jack, Kyle and Chad, is a little sad. He unveils a 3-D model of a Concordia site and says that the blue energy reactor set to be installed in the middle of it is way too big for what it's supposed to do. As an example, the little holo-device Erica and Ryan stole from Malik's safe the last time I recapped this show? It's also powered by blue energy -- about half a watt. Why am I not surprised that the standard unit of V energy is the half-watt? Compared to that little vPod Nano™, the Concordia reactors would generate "nearly a trillion times more." So half a trillion watts, then? I'm not a scientist, I'm asking. Sid thinks there's only one reason the Vs would need that much power, and it has to do with the fact that the footprint of a Concordia site roughly matches that of a mothership. And to demonstrate, he's got a model of a mothership right there, the bottom holes of which fit neatly onto the four towers of the Concordia model, like a laptop docking station if your laptop looked like a stack of half-melted stingrays. Quadruple penetration! "They're building landing sites," Chad realizes. "For what?" Jack wonders. Uh, landing? "For their invasion," Erica says. The title card hits before she can add the appropriate coda to that statement, which would be, "Derr."

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