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Joshua's been busy in the lab. He says it looks like Amy's "abilities" are probably a result of Ryan having stolen phosphorus and given it to Val during her pregnancy. He won't know what else Amy's capable of without more tests, and preferably a third season. Anna's more immediate interest is in this theoretical frequency of bliss that humans will accept. No. 2 reminds her that trying to bliss humans nearly killed Diana. "My mother was weak," Anna snaps, and steps over to the terrified human test subject immobilized on Joshua's slab. While Anna reassures the young Asian woman, Joshua and No. 2 argue the issue -- No. 2 not wanting Anna to risk it while Joshua says that bold action is needed. Anna shuts them up: "If I can control them through bliss, I can stop any resistance." She puts her hands to the sides of the woman's head and starts blissing. But it's the worst blissing ever. The test subject starts screaming, and Anna doesn't look too happy herself. In fact, blood is leaking from her tear ducts, like that dude in Casino Royale but with shorter hair. No.2 tries to put a stop to it before Anna's whole face goes full Raiders of the Lost Ark, but suddenly the human smiles. Blissfully, even. Anna totters back on her high heels and falls to her knees, fat rivers of blood streaking her face. No. 2 helps her to her feet, while Joshua helpfully observes, "The subject appears to be blissed." And that's why he's the Vs' top scientist. Anna figures the best way to be sure of the blissing is to give her an immolation pill, tell her it'll kill her, and tell her to take it anyway. The subject blissfully complies, and is instantly incinerated. Well, the bliss is probably worn off now. Anna asks if this means she can bliss en masse. Well, it doesn't seem advisable, unless she's going to limit her eye-melting activities to one horror-movie set at a time, but Anna insists, "find a way."

Sid's "study" of the blue energy seems to consist of touching the two blue balls together in an isolation tank. The tank fills with blue sparks, so, success, I guess. Being a scientist is easy! He starts technobabbling to Kyle and Erica, but then dumbs it down for them by comparing it to sticking a fork in an electrical socket. "Same idea. Meltdown." With half a trillion watts? Sounds perfectly safe. And he's confident that it won't look like sabotage, because suddenly he's an expert on blue energy, in much the same way my son learned the alphabet and then won the Nobel prize in literature later that day. Jack enters the room, all impressed that Sid seems to have done it. Jack has also arranged for two Fifth Column V guards at the site to help them get in, because it's not like he has anything else to do. Conscience isn't a full-time job even with this crew. "Tell them we're good to go. Tonight," Erica instructs. Because after spending the afternoon playing with a few inches of yarn, Sid's ready to unspool the Brooklyn Bridge. To his credit, he looks a little rushed. Why does every episode have to take place in one day? he wonders to himself.

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