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Up in the mothership's bilge, Lisa asks Diana what Anna's plans are, but Diana isn't ready to let go of that bargaining chip yet. Lisa pushes the issue by comparing Diana to Anna. "All you do is keep secrets." She asks if Concordia is really a series of landing sites, and Diana confirms it, basically saying Lisa is smarter than she looks. "My friends figured it out," Lisa says modestly. So she's telling Diana about her human buddies, and their plan to sabotage the reactor. Again with the need-to-know thing. "You must stop them!" Diana says with something like alarm. She explains that blue energy has two forms. "In its stable form, it powers reactors. But it can also be weaponized." And this isn't something that every V grade-schooler knows? Diana warns, "You must stop them, before it's too late!" Good thing they have all day.

Oops, it's nighttime. Construction is going on at the site, and outside the perimeter, Erica, Kyle and Jack are watching Sid nervously vomit his guts out while wearing the disguise of a construction worker. A sick or drunk construction worker, which should get him in even more easily. After he pulls himself together and picks up his toolbox, Erica shows him a mug shot of their Fifth Column contact at the gate, who will get him through security. Jack also clips a V ID to Sid's day-glo vest. Kyle adds that the tricky part is getting into the reactor building unseen, but Jack says the second 5C contact will help with that. "Once you're in, you're on your own, cowboy," Kyle adds helpfully. Good thing Sid's stomach is already empty. Erica reassures Sid that he can do it and reminds him it has to look like an accident. "The Fifth Column cannot be behind it." With that, they send him on his way to do the work of the Fifth Column.

Ryan's still pursuing his new hobby of secretly stalking the team. He gets a holo-call from Lisa aboard the mothership, who has apparently spent the intervening hours trying and failing to reach Erica due to some kind of solar contrivance flare. She says she's calling in that favor he incurred when he escaped the mothership, and explains about the blue energy and how they need to stop Erica's plan. "If they weaponize it, it could destroy everything within a hundred square miles." So that's bad, right?

Sid joins the double line of second-shift workers entering the plant. The guard who's not the one in the photo waves him over, but the right one steps between them and waves Sid in. Ooh, close one, if I cared.

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