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Skin to Win

Anna then goes to visit Diana in the Mothership's bilge to brag about Lisa's oncoming fertility. But Diana can tell Anna's worried about Lisa's betrayal -- which should be coming any time now, just like Anna's first betrayal of Diana came with her breeding-skin. Anna says she did what she had to. "So will Lisa if you're not careful," Diana says, and Anna hotly says that she'll teach her to rule, like Diana never did for Anna. "In the meantime, daughter, watch your back. As I had to learn the hard way. The more you think you're helping your child, the more you push them away." Do all V ships have an area like this where the air is thick with moss and humidity and thematic proclamations?

When morning comes, Erica's still out in the field, near her still-burning Fedmobile, but now her coworkers have shown up in force. While the paramedics tend to her many wounds (showing no curiosity about why her car not only flipped her, but punched her and kicked her as well), Erica spins a tale to her boss about guys in masks shooting out their tires and taking Malik. Erica acts all concerned about finding Malik so they can keep following up that lead in Ossining they were on their way to check out, but her boss says they already did that and came up empty. Of course. He not only believes Erica's story that Malik was nabbed by Fifth Columnists (which is, you know, kind of true), but gives her the day off and promises to find Malik himself. Erica had better hope he doesn't.

On the Mothership, No. 2 tells Anna that the FBI is already searching for the missing Malik, on the suspicion that the Fifth Column took her. "The true nature of the work that she was doing for us must not be exposed," Anna exposits, and tells No. 2 to take some Trackers and clean up after Malik. As for the kidnappers, "I have it under control," Anna says. She so doesn't.

Cue Anna's next holo-call to Ryan, where she gets to show off his non-crying baby. Ryan's not buying Anna's story about how she "helped" the little critter, and figures she wants something from him now. Sure enough, Anna tells him to find Malik and the people who took her -- and do it by tonight. "My Bliss will wear off by then." Pretty cheap Bliss, then, if you ask me.

Erica is having Sid show her a digital mock-up of Tyler's DNA on his laptop. "Half the ladder's been stripped," he says, deleting the links between the helixes in a way that should make Tyler's DNA fly apart like a cheap zipper. Erica wonders how Tyler can survive this way, like those of us who first met Tyler a season ago couldn't already tell that he isn't all there. Sid can't answer that, but he's got a theory: "The Vs wanted that space to be empty... Why empty anything out? To put something else in." That is clearly not what Erica wanted to hear, but it does raise the additional question of what the Vs plan to put into Tyler's skull.

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