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Skin to Win

Kyle had the foresight to plant a mini-webcam in a tree at the scene of the crash, and now, on a monitor back at the lair, it's showing a couple of Trackers and No. 2 lurking around the crashed car. Which apparently the Feds left upside down without towing away. The Bureau may leave no stone unturned in the hunt for Malik, but the same clearly can't be said of automobiles. One of the Trackers kills the camera, but too late to prevent our heroes from seeing No. 2 -- which tells them that Malik's assignment, whatever it is, is on Anna's radar. Ryan suggests checking Malik's apartment, even though the Feds have already been there. "They wouldn't know where or how to look," he says. With that, Ryan picks up a cigar guillotine that Kyle leaves lying around, walks over to Malik, and matter-of-factly cuts off of one of her fingers, to the horror of the humans present, not to mention Malik's rather noisy chagrin. Stuffing the digit in a sample bag, he and Erica leave the room so their friends can hang out and watch Malik's blood drip onto her head. "Want to watch Saw?" none of them asks.

Malik's high-rise apartment is pretty fancy for a girl on a government salary, right down to a monitor showing a multi-camera security feed of the approach to her place. And if the FBI really has been here, they couldn't have done much more than stick their head in the door, let alone posting a sentry. They get right to tossing the place, and in about five seconds Erica notices a worn number on the oven's keypad. Ryan presses Malik's severed finger to it, and a false back opens inside the oven. "I wondered what that was for," Erica says, making me wonder how she ever got a job at a place with the word "Investigation" right in it. Inside is a stash of cash and fake law enforcement IDs from a variety of countries, as well as a bit of "V-tech." Ryan sets it down on the counter and a holo-display pops up with names and faces. They figure they can work with that, but for now, Malik's security feed is showing No. 2 and the Trackers approaching the apartment. With Erica's help, Ryan quickly MacGyvers up a little device to distract the Trackers and cover his own scent. I keep expecting to hear a voice-over from Michael Westen explaining how if you just mix some bleach and ammonia in a plastic bowl, add a big hunk of tinfoil, and pop it in the microwave on "high," you've got yourself a bomb. Although Ryan's either an amateur or Malik's microwave doesn't have a "Popcorn" button. They exit via the balcony (no explanation on how they'll safely get down to street level) seconds before No 2 and the Trackers enter, just in time to see the kitchen conflagration. Maybe if Malik knew about popcorn she would have sided with the humans as well, you know?

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