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Skin to Win

Mothership. Chad has been summoned for an audience with Anna, who mentions his "close call" with the suicide bomber. Chad credits Erica with stopping it, like this show is doing itself any favors by reminding us what a small world it is, and asks what he can do for Anna. Anna explains about the "few small pockets of hostility" that remain among the mostly docile human populace. Chad reminds her about the "Red Sky Affair," and lectures her about playing God. Which brings Anna to her point. She brings up a holo-dossier on Father Jack, and asks Chad what he knows. "Not much," he lies, and elaborates that the suicide bomber went to Father Jack's church. "He's local, not much of a profile otherwise," Chad says, oddly flailing his hands around. Anna wants Chad to fix that by interviewing him, claiming that she thinks every voice should be heard. "Isn't that the basis of good journalism?" she asks rhetorically. Well, yes, but so is not accepting assignments from reptilian overlords.

So Chad goes right to Father Jack and tells him not to do it, saying it's some kind of trap. but Jack insists on going ahead with it. Who knew Father Jack was such a famewhore?

Erica and Ryan have returned to the lair to go through Malik's V-tech at their leisure. And they've figured out that what all the people on the list have in common is that they're off the grid -- meaning they could disappear and nobody would notice. Sid asks if this means alien abduction, and even does a bit of mime for their entertainment. Erica says they need to figure out Anna's plan.

Anna, Joshua, and Lisa are in a lab in the Mothership, standing over what looks like a gurney with a giant chrome hairclip wrapped around it. Just like you'd expect a soul-sucking machine to look if you're watching a cheesy sci-fi remake and not The Princess Bride. Lisa wonders what the big deal is with the human soul, and Anna explains about how awesome it is. "If we don't eliminate it, our plans will fail." Joshua adds that humans consider the soul eternal and that it leaves the body after death. "This machine is engineered to locate and extract it." You know what else does that? Bullets. Poison. Blunt force trauma. But the Vs never want to make anything easy for themselves, do they? Joshua says he's ready to start trying it out, but he'll need plenty of test subjects, since they won't survive it. Like, how many? "Hundreds of thousands." Yes, I can see how this is going to stay under the radar.

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