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Skin to Win

And here's one of those future test subjects now. A scraggly-looking girl walks down a steamy alley carrying a guitar case. A big blue van pulls in next to her, and the driver gets out like he's on some other errand, favoring her with a friendly "hi" as she walks past. And then he grabs her from behind, injecting her in the neck and then stuffing her in the back of the van -- with a whole bunch of other limp bodies. After he picks up the dropped guitar case (which clearly does not contain a copy of The Gift of Fear), he pauses for a long stare into the camera with his alien eyes, just to let us know he's not human. Which is good, because I was worried this was turning into Criminal Minds.

It's nighttime in New York, and Ryan's still flipping through Malik's e-file while everyone sits around bored. Except Malik, obviously, who's still standing, what with the ceiling-chain and all. Since no one else is doing anything anyway, Erica uses this opportunity to unburden to Kyle about how she wanted Malik to have something to do with Tyler and maybe give them some answers. "Maybe her body will, with Science-Boy on the case," Kyle mutters. "That would be Science-Man," Sid corrects. Finally, Ryan has found something: one person in Malik's file, a girl named Sophie Allen, is flagged with today's date. Of course it's Guitar-Case Girl. Erica figures that preventing Sophie's abduction is the key to stopping Anna's whole plan, which is a leap of Olympian proportions. She starts grilling Malik again, but Malik just hisses at her. Ryan has found Sophie's mother's work address, and Erica decides the two of them will go pay Guitar-Case-Mom a visit. But not before she delivers these bloodcurdling words to Malik: "To be continued." Oooh, brrr!

At the church, Chad tells Father Jack that his interview will be on the news tonight and offers to let him watch. But Jack's got church about to happen, so he invites Chad to hang around for that. Chad agrees, because it's not like a top news reporter with a secret hobby as an anti-V spy has anything else going on right now.

When Father Jack begins his sermon to a packed house, he starts right in on the recent violence, and admits that although he's bitched about the Visitors as much as anyone else, "we must never forget what defines us." Man, he's going about this all wrong. When someone blames you for inciting a political massacre, the thing to do is claim you had nothing to do with it, that such a thing is impossible anyway, and besides someone else incited it. Oh, and blame the media. Suddenly this just got a lot less ripped-from-the-headlines. In the middle of Father Jack's speech, a dude stands up from a pew and says his wife was killed in the suicide bombing. "It wasn't the Vs that killed her," he accuses Father Jack. "It was their enemies. People like you." Jack feels enough like shit to step down from the pulpit and apologize, but the dude isn't satisfied. Worse, he's brought along others who lost people in the bombing, and cues them to stand up. Another parishioner stands up to take Father Jack's side, and matters quickly come to blows, with the guy who started this getting knocked to the floor. While Father Jack rushes over to break it up, Chad glances down in time to see the man's eyes flash, V-like. He gets up for more but Jack tells the intruder, "You want to blame someone, you blame me. You want to fight, you fight me." Some unseen person is getting video of all of this on a cell phone, but the show's over; the interloper heads out. I assume he won't be partaking of coffee and donuts in the basement afterwards.

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