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Skin to Win

Erica and Ryan walk into a convenience store to talk to the clerk, whose nametag surprisingly does not read "Guitar-Case Mom." Erica identifies herself as an FBI agent, but clarifies, "I'm here unofficially as a mother," which isn't weird at all. Ryan says something about a teen counseling center where Guitar-Case Girl hasn't shown up, and her mom says she ran away six months ago, leaving no leads. However, Guitar-Case Mom does have some thematically relevant observations to share, which wouldn't be entirely out of place coming from Diana's mouth, only in a different setting and an entirely different tone of voice. Erica empathizes, and gives the woman her card in case she thinks of anything. The mom begs them for help, in the process reminding Ryan that he has a daughter of his own. Not that he's done anything for her today. Anna's waiting, Ryan. Tick-tock.

They return all but empty-handed to the lair, with nothing left to work with but Malik herself. Kyle reaches for his knife again, over Sid's protests that he needs her alive for her tissue samples to figure out what they have planned for Tyler. So, just to restate the choice, they can either torture Malik for information on the abductees, or they can keep her alive for biological research on behalf of Tyler. Of course I'm not there to point out that either option seems like a longshot to me, so Ryan tells Erica, "It's your son. It's gotta be your call." That sounds like something Erica might regret hearing from him at some point. For now, Erica looks torn. But not as torn as Malik is about to be.

Chad pays a visit to Anna on the mother ship. She congratulates him on the interview with Father Jack, and explains, "I wanted the world to pay attention to him so they would pay attention to this." With that, she plays a clip of Chad's interview with Father Jack deploring violence, which cuts right to his part in the brawl at the church and him saying, "You want to fight? You fight me!" Damn, the Vs can not only take links out of DNA and souls out of humans, they can take video out of context! Is there no end to their extraction-related perfidy? Chad protests that wasn't how it happened, but Anna says the internet will say different. "A duplicitous priest, committing violence in a house of worship. This sort of story seems to spread rapidly." She congratulates Chad on his part in it, when we all know she's really just congratulating herself. All he does is swallow hard and accept the compliment with a nod, which would be a dead giveaway if he'd ever stood up to her before.

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