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Skin to Win

Up in the Mothership lab, Joshua's ready to run a test on their first subject, with Lisa and Anna in attendance. Anna gives the order to begin, and Joshua hits a holo-button that causes the claws of the giant hairclip to close in over the skinny, naked human subject. Joshua explains, "Water, muscle, bone, tissue. Each will be removed from the corpus, taking the subject to the brink of death. What remains, the last substance in his dying breath, should be the soul." Okay, but then you've just got a dead guy. Where's the percentage in that, exactly? The claws go to work, sinking into the man's body and sucking as hard as this subplot. Seeing Lisa's horrified face, Anna tells Joshua to stop and asks her daughter, "Something wrong?" Lisa demurs, which doesn't stop Anna from lecturing her about the low value of one life compared to that of their species. "You must learn that in order to become queen." She doesn't mention that this dude is only the first of hundreds of thousands, not that it would make a difference. She says to continue -- but with Lisa taking over. Lisa steps to the control panel, fighting to ignore the pleas of the man on the slab. "Look into his eyes," Anna orders. "Look into his soul. Now take it." Lisa hits the button, struggling to put on a brave face for her mom while the poor sap on the slab breathes his last. I guess I should be glad we don't have to look at a CGI soul coming out of his mouth.

Erica and Ryan walk Guitar-Case Girl back to the convenience store where her mother works -- and lives, apparently. They witness the tearful reunion, and Erica actually smiles. Ryan, not so much. Outside, he grumps, "We only saved one." But again, it was the one whose mother they met, and what are the chances of that? They should have bought a lottery ticket from her while they were in there. Erica's in a good mood, though: "This is what we're fighting for, to keep our children safe. We have to savor these ones." Ryan's not, and Erica promises, "We're going to get your daughter back...If we lose hope, we lose this fight."

Chad, who apparently never sleeps, is back at the church showing Father Jack a video on a YouTube lookalike site called "FaceTime." The video bears the catchy title of "PRIEST PACKS A PUNCH," and of course it's the hacked-up footage of Father Jack offering to fight. Chad closes the laptop and explains, "Anna had me build you up so she could tear you down." All in one night, too. I knew the news cycle moved fast, but this is warp speed. Chad natters on, telling Jack about the V plant who started the fight. Jack is surprisingly cool with all this, saying he'll weather the storm. Then they start complimenting each other on their bravery, and Erica's going to get jealous if she hears them flirting like this. As though that very thing has just occurred to him, Father Jack tells Chad, "It's time you met the others."

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