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Their World is Not Enough
sn't listen. They need Ryan's help; Ryan doesn't let the use of the third person plural escape without questioning. Who is this "they"? The rumpled guy explains that there are 25 others and they are recruiting more. They are being careful, too. Ryan still isn't interested. A lot of people got killed last time and he is about to get engaged. He isn't going to put his fiancée at risk. I don't know what they are talking about so I will assume it was a particularly brutal Barney's Warehouse Sale. The guy sticks an address in Ryan's pocket and tells him to meet them there if he grows a conscience (or Jiminy Cricket pays him a visit) between now and then. How long does a conscience take to grow?

Father Jack is walking through the pews (not the peeyous, the church pews) when he finds a lone parishioner who appreciated his sermon the other day. The priest is so thrilled to find someone who actually likes what he had to say (as opposed to that downer of an old priest who is always censoring him) that he stops to chat. Then he realizes something is really wrong with the parishioner. The guy tells him that he is right not to trust the Vs, because he knows the real reason the Vs are here -- they are not here to serve man, but to obliterate them! It's a cookbook! Father Jack is skeptical until he sees the massive bloody hole in the guy's abdomen. Yeah, you don't mess with a guy who had an alien appendectomy. The guy hands Father Jack an envelope and tells him to go to the meeting and give the people there the information that is inside. Father Jack runs to get the man some help, but you can tell that it is his dying wish for Jack to go to the Brooklyn meeting. As a priest, Jack is duty-bound to obey the last request and to not wipe down the bloody envelope with like a gallon of Purell.

In the television studio on board the Vs' mothership, Anna and Chad prepare for their intimate interview (that is not a euphemism). As Anna's make up is touched and they prepare to go to air, Chad asks Anna if she has any last minute questions. She has no questions; just so long as he doesn't ask them anything that could portray them in a negative light, they are good to go. Chad double takes. Anna clarifies that she chose him because he asked such nice easy questions when they first met, and she wants him to ask more questions like that. While Chad's journalistic integrity was perhaps bested by his chivalry when they first met, he is not prepared to soft ball the Vs during their first interview. But when he says there has been some sort of mistake, Anna's executive assistant cocks his head. Chad explains that he is a Journalist (note the capital J) and he will ask the tough questions. He promises to be fair. Anna (who hasn't blinked in about three minutes) smiles kindly and cancels the interview. Chad doesn't accept, but he also has somehow found his journalistic backbone and won't let her off easy. She takes a deep breath, smiles, and points out that this interview would be the big break for his career and he needs to nut up, bend over, and do it on their terms. Chad sighs.

Father Jack takes off his uniform and dresses in his civvies as he takes his bloody envelope to its final destination. Erica and Wash are parked in a car outside the meeting location. Erica is going in despite the fact that Wash thinks it is a terrible idea. Erica explains that since the people who are organizing the event are expecting people they don't know, she should be fine. And so long as the event doesn't have bitchy PR girls with clipboards who let all the power from managing the guest list go to their heads, she should be good. Erica leaves Wash in the car and she doesn't crack a window or anything. She gives herself 30 minutes and if she is not back, then he can call in the cavalry. She walks to the door and comes into a large warehouse with a small group led by the fake Unabomber. He explains that the group is a word of mouth gathering, comprised of people who were told about the meeting by someone the group trusts. There is a doctor there who will administer an anesthetic to each of them. Juliet can't keep her mouth shut and asks what the anesthetic is for exactly? Cut to Chad, whose journalistic integrity has crumpled like a Dixie cup under the weight of potential fame and global notoriety. He introduces Anna and thanks her for giving them the opportunity to get to know her. She smiles sweetly and tells him to feel free to ask anything and everything. Chad barely manages to not roll his eyes on national television. Cut back to the meeting where a small V (get it? get it?) is cut into the scalp behind a guy's ear. The flap is lifted and they are instructed to look for skull. Father Jack is intrigued, but Juliet is revolted. The leader tells her she is next. The older priest watches Anna answer a question about her home planet and then we cut back to the meeting where all the attendees have passed the test. What's the test? To prove they are not a Visitor. Juliet is confused. The guy explains that the Visitors have disguised themselves as humans to walk among them. The Vs are not new arrivals, but have been there before. Anna tells Chad that humanity is a rare gift that they plan to cherish, while the conspiracy theorist explains that the Vs are determined to exterminate every man, woman, and child on the planet. Anna says they are honored to assist mankind and it is very emotional for them. Chad asks if they are emotional beings and Anna says that they are, but they accentuate the positive. Tranquility and peace are the only emotions they really let themselves feel. Oprah would be very proud, I'm sure. At the meeting it is being explained that Vs posing as humans have established themselves in every facet of human life -- business, government, and religion. Then they spread out to cause instability. Juliet has a look of complete skepticism and a semi-snarled lip as he explains that the Vs have caused economic meltdowns and unnecessary wars. Anna disagrees, she thinks change is never easy, but can bring great reward. Tyler is watching closely and fingering the form to become a Junior Peace Ambassador. Anna announces a plan to expand their healing centers into every major city across the globe. Wait...the aliens come and propose...universal health care? I guess with a show that premiered on election night, you have to expect some political ideology to seep through. I just wish it had started on National Doughnut Day (that would be the first Friday in June -- go mark it in your iCal, I'll wait) so we could have characters eating doughnuts throughout the show. Although then I would be jealous. A lot jealous. And then I would have to stop writing. Walk the ten blocks to Peter Pan Doughnuts, pick up a cruller and a maple bar and then walk back here. Eat the doughnuts, wipe the grease off my keyboard, and then get back to work. And that would not be very efficient. Also, fattening. So politics are much better than doughnuts. But, anyway, really? Universal health care? How subversive. And timely. The rabble rouser explains that the final stage of the Vs' evil plan was put into effect when they revealed themselves to the hapless humans. They are positioning themselves as the saviors of humanity. That resonates with the priest, who doesn't like anybody interloping on Jesus's turf. Anna is still going on about the Vs great health care reform plan, but I am not going to delve into the political implications of this. Read this or this instead. Tyler forges his mom's name on the form so he can become an Ambassador of Peace and spread the word of V everywhere. After watching two season of True Blood it is weird to be writing about V and not mean drugs. At the meeting, the leader recognizes the skepticism that surrounds him. He knows people think he is crazy and Juliet...oops, Erica, asks for proof. When the leader calls her out and d

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