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Their World is Not Enough
emands to know who referred her, she plays it cool and says it doesn't matter because she is leaving. The priest jumps in, because he has proof. He hands the leader the bloody envelope. It contains pictures of Visitors. Erica looks over his shoulder and when she sees someone she recognizes, she grabs the picture. It is the creepy Bob-looking guy. She shakes her head in confusion and explains that no, this guy is a terrorist. He's in a sleeper cell! Right. A sleeper cell of Visitors.

After the proof is delivered, the meeting breaks up into smaller groups. Erica congratulates Jack on his bravery for coming to the meeting. They introduce themselves and it is unclear whether Erica knows Jack is a priest. Out of the darkness a small orb floats into the room, surveying the situation, before arming and firing. The fearless leader barely manages to yell, "Get down!" before the orb fires its deadly payload. A few of the extras are killed and in the chaos the room is filled with humanoid Visitors armed with alien weaponry or maybe just knives? The fighting is fast and furious and it's hard to figure out who is a Visitor and who is a resistance fighter. Father Jack grabs his envelope and punches a Visitor fiercely. Erica lunges for a gun, but is waylaid by ...her partner. He stares at her and lunges again, pinning her and choking her. Their leader is running from the fight when he is cornered by a menace with a baton? Knife? I don't know what I am looking at here. He is about to go down when Ryan surfaces taking down the Visitor with some serious punches and kicks, but sustaining some brutal cuts. Erica manages to beat the crap out of her partner, slashing him with a piece of serrated metal. When he falls, she investigates and finds that his skin has come off. She looks closer and doesn't see skull, but reptilian skin. She peels back the human skin and suddenly the reptilian eye opens and he grabs her around the neck again. She stabs him in the gut and almost gives the priest the same, but he grabs her and they run. Ryan and the leader survey for a second -- there are at least seven bodies of both Vs and humans around the room -- and then they run for it too. Outside Ryan starts, "Georgie..." And THANK YOU we finally have a name. Georgie stops him, because no...Ryan was right to leave the group. They were so careful this time and still the Vs knew they were meeting. They can't possibly proceed. They can't fight. There is no hope. They are animals. At that Ryan gets up and takes off his coat. Georgie is wrong, they aren't ALL animals. Ryan sticks out his arm, and shows him the gash he received. He separates his skin and reveals reptile. (First: Gross. Second: Whoa.) Georgie starts and jumps backwards. Ryan knows he was wrong to leave the fight. There are other traitors like him and they will fight, too. Georgie asks him where he is going and Ryan explains that he is going to tell Val (YES! THANK YOU!) that he is leaving because it is not safe to be around him anymore. Aw man...he's cold blooded and cold hearted.

Up on the mothership Chad is making a break for it, but Anna's executive assistant stops him for a performance review. Anna loves him and they plan to call on him again. She trusts him. Chad smiles pertly that he's not sure that he trusts Anna. This does not faze the assistant, who offers Chad the solace of a Successory: It's not shameful to sacrifice one's principles for the greater good -- it is noble. Whatever, dude, print it on a coffee mug. The assistant reiterates the point that Anna could have chosen anyone, but she chose Chad because his 80s name reminds her of her childhood spent at the crocodile farm in Tallahassee. The assistant wants Chad to know that they appreciate his work and whenever Anna has anything important to say, they will do it through Chad. Anna stares at him for awhile and, good grief, BLINK, "WOMAN"!

Back on earth, Ryan goes to break break break little Val's heart. He walks into their apartment and she is sitting guiltily in the living room. She ransacked the place while he was out and found the engagement ring he was going to give her. She feels terrible for doubting him. She asks if he still loves her and he does "more than she'll ever know."

Out on the docks, Erica and the priest regroup. Erica is stunned she just can't get the image of her partner lying dead on the floor out of her head. The priest doesn't really know what to say about that because, yeah, it was pretty much a yuckfest over there. He asks what they do next. Erica says they join the resistance and they fight. They will be careful when they recruit others to their cause, but they will fight. Erica knows that they have a big headstart, because the Vs have a big weapon on their side. When Erica stalls, the priest asks what the weapon is? It's devotion. That scares the priest right out of his collarino. Meanwhile, Erica's jackass son, Tyler, is signing up to be a Junior Peace Ambassador so he can wear a uniform and pal around with hot girls. Whatever, kid, just get a job at Hot Dog on a Stick. Same same.

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