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The Mommy Wars

Erica is still cradling Joe's body, covered in blood, as ambulance sirens fill the air and people start to move in to help. Then Tyler runs through the police tape and into yet another crime scene. He goes to his mother's side and they weep for Joe together. Bolling and the Boss watch from the sidelines as a bloody and battered Erica cries over her family. Bolling decides that there is no way that Erica is corrupt or colluding with the enemy. The Boss nods and says he will kill the paperwork. Suckers.

Up on the ship, Anna has decided to go and gloat to her mother. She has devastated the Fifth Column when her mother could not. Diana smiles, "Don't worry, you'll hear from them again." Anna stamps her foot and yells, "NO I WON'T!" and her mother smiles at the tired little girl having a tantrum. She asks Anna why she feels the need to prove herself to her mommy, as it's not very becoming for a queen. Anna glares at her and reminds her that she's the one rotting in a basement. Then she pauses and realizes that her mother is trying to make her feel yucky human emotions, and she won't do it. If she wants to defeat her, she needs to try harder. Diana stares into the camera and promises, "Oh, I will" Anna ascends and Lisa catches her as she steps out of the secret door. She looks around, steps onto the portal and descends. Diana sees her and instantly knows who it is. She introduces herself to her granddaughter and tells her that she can trust her. You see, they share a common enemy: Her mother. Lisa looks intrigued.

Erica sits in the dark of her kitchen, crying. Tyler has his bags packed. He is leaving. Tyler being Tyler, he blames his mother for his father's demise. He is going to join the Visitors and fight the evil nasty humans who killed his father. Erica tries to explain to him that he is wrong, all wrong. But she doesn't actually tell him anything and he freaks out and screams in her face that it's her fault and if she had done her job and defeated the Fifth Column single-handedly then Joe would still be alive. She slaps him, which he TOTALLY DESERVES. So he leaves and she cries, alone again, naturally.

Later, at the Fab Four's HQ, Jack and Kyle are there, joined by Chad Decker. Erica enters the room and the men all stand up to greet their leader. Jack tells Erica that he is so sorry. She nods and confirms that Joe is dead. Kyle looks guilty (AS HE SHOULD). She gulps and adds that Tyler is gone. She gulps again. She tells them that Cohen left her in charge of the entire operations of the Fifth Column, every cell, every soldier. Her first act as Commander in Chief is to go on the offensive. Jack reminds her that he was a soldier once, and will be again. Chad promises to go the distance, whatever the cost. She looks Kyle in the eyes and apologizes for not believing him about Ryan (may he rest in peace). She conscripted him because she needed a warrior, but she has kept him caged. No more. She is a mother and a widow and she is going to rain hell down on the Visitors and she is going to need his help. Just until he retires with Sarah to Boca, of course. Oh wait, Kyle, didn't the Visitors return Sarah to you yet? No? Huh.

Melissa Locker a.k.a. Lulu Bates is still reeling over the thought that this episode might actually have been good. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers.

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