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V is for Vendetta
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If you are just joining us, WE are not alone, but you are. The number of people who watched this show last week was astronomical, so you are a bit late to the game, but you can read the full recap here. And then we won't mock you too much for missing out on zeitgeist moments. So it is the night of the massacre and Agent Erica and Father Jack are debriefing each other and engaging in a little talk therapy on the steps outside the warehouse where all their brothers-in-arms were just slaughtered. I would have run a little farther, but I am not an FBI agent and I'm sure there is a tactical purpose to staying within spitting distance of a mass murder site. Agent Erica actually seems to be treating the conversation as a de facto confession and I bet priests get really sick of that happening to them. It's like dermatologists who are asked to look at strangely shaped moles in the middle of a dinner party. Erica just can't get the image out of her head of slamming a piece of rebar into her partner's face, even if he did totally deserve it and turn out to be an alien. Father Jack doesn't really know what to say about that, so he just asks what they should do next. Erica thinks they fight fight fight and try not to die. Just then they see a shuttle leave the Vs' mothership and land next to the warehouse. Erica is pretty sure they are there to clean up the blood and guts. Don't the Vs have, like, Martian slaves to do the scut work for them? 'Cause cleaning up a slasher site is pretty bottom of the barrel work for an advanced lifeform. Jack pulls out his cell phone because "they have to do something" and calling 911 seems reasonable. Although I would argue that if you sic 911 on the Vs you are sending a whole bunch of first responders to their dooms. Erica grabs Jack's phone out of his hand because the call has to be anonymous. So she runs to the pay phone and calls. She doesn't use a fake voice or anything, but I'm not an FBI agent, so I am sure there is a really good reason to sound just like yourself while placing an anonymous call. She also doesn't wipe down the phone with an antibacterial wipe, which is pretty hardcore. Erica's call goes straight to Visitor HQ and they seem to trace the call using their advanced technology and right quick send a Death Ball (pretty much like this one from the best-movie-ever Phantasm) to off them. Too bad for the Death Ball, Erica was a pinch hitter in Little League. She smashes it to bits with a bat (or pipe) like it's a piƱata and she's a pudgy eight-year old. Then she looks around to dish out some more. She knows the call was intercepted and traced, but Jack doesn't think it is possible. Erica gets really close to him (way too close considering he's a priest) and reminds him that anything is possible. Her partner was a reptile and she didn't know it! Anything is possible and anyone can be a V. She tells Jack to go home, act normal, and pretend like none of this ever happened. He doesn't get it, but Erica needs to come up with a plan. In the meantime he shouldn't trust anyone. Got that? Trust No One. Now where have I heard that before...

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