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It's morning in CGI Beijing (seriously, it's not even good CGI, it's like they aren't even trying any more) and a friendly neighborhood Peace Ambassador is handing out pamphlets in front of the Forbidden City/Imperial Palace because that is the ONLY place that exists in Beijing. I base that conclusion on every movie and/or television show ever made. Anyway, the Peace Ambassador hands a woman a tract about how if she has premarital sex with anyone but a Visitor she will go to Hell. Then his eyeballs start bleeding and pink foam erupts from his mouth. It kind of looks like what they warn you will happen if you eat Strawberry Pop Rocks and Cherry Coke at the same time. Then, instead of dropping the pamphlet that she took from the clearly dying kid, and beginning a Silkwood shower right there in the middle of the only place that exists in Beijing, the woman brings the undoubtedly infected pamphlet to her mouth as she starts to scream.

Her scream is mirrored by a Live Aboard up on the Mothership. The woman is wide awake and strapped down on the DNA Extracting Needle Machine of Misery. As she screams, Joshua watches passively as Anna gloats about extracting the best DNA from the hand-selected participants in the Live Aboard Program. The Live Aboard's magical DNA is extracted into a little vial that looks almost identical to a Nik-L-Nip candy. That DNA sample is then taken to a spiraling metallic machine where a claw-like thing appears to take and incorporate the sample into the Visitors' DNA collection. The machine is clearly designed with H.R. Giger and his School of Ominous Architecture in mind. I mean, it is enormous and spiky and pointy and uncomfortable-looking for absolutely no reason other than to look spiky and uncomfortable. Like a Cenobite or Rod Stewart's hair. I mean why bother fast-tracking your evolution if you're not going to develop some comfortable clothes, cozy designs and restful rooms? Like, what is the point of being highly evolved if your chairs are uncomfortable and your polyester pantsuit is always riding up? At that point you should just extract some DNA from Sylvia Plath and a bunch of lemmings, if you know what I mean. Anna gloats some more as she watches the DNA get added to the soup. The last shipment of Live Aboards are due tomorrow and after that they will be ready to breed like bunnies. Fiendish, terroristic, genocidal bunnies. Anna then adds that she has cut off the head of the Fifth Column, and nothing will get in her way now. But she doesn't knock wood, throw salt or cross herself, so she's screwed.

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