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Welcome to the War
ips and chucks the grody dead mouse in the garbage. Then she enters a serious shame spiral and that's when Ryan walks in. He rushes to her side because she is not looking so hot, for obvious reasons. She says she is okay, but she also knows something is not right. But that doesn't matter, because she has secretly always wanted kids. She was okay when Ryan said he couldn't have any, but now that she is pregnant with this miracle baby, she is really excited. She knows this baby is there for a reason. This speech, however? Not so much. I watched it three times and the arc of that little speech makes no sense at all. Anyway, Ryan agrees.

The mothership has got a little atmosphere going on. Anna has the lights down low, a fog machine cranking, a little Roxette on the PA system, and has lover boy tucked into a hot tub. She walks in slow motion through the fog in her satin robe. She disrobes in the tub and settles atop the good soldier. Apparently Anna's an early finisher, because 30 seconds later she's done, re-robed, and apparently knocked up with a neo-natal army. The guy looks a little stunned, because: BLUE BALLS. Anna doesn't abide complaining. So she eats him. No, really. She's pregnant and starving and there were no ice cream and pickles around.

Find out what this show's chances are for getting a second season.

Lulu Bates a.k.a. Melissa Locker is glad that we now sort of have universal health care and, thus, will be less vulnerable to a V takeover. You can follow her on Twitter @woolyknickers.

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