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I Shot You To Protect You
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Welcome back, fang hags. I hope you had a good hiatus. It's been so long since the "All My Children" episode aired, that I feel the need to revisit it before getting into "1912." Specifically, I want to look at the scene in which Meredith shoots Alaric.

From The Vampire Diaries "All My Children," weecap: Alaric is at Meredith's place, letting her care for him. He's got a bump on his noggin and probably a broken rib, so he crashes on her couch. When he wakes, he heads to her kitchen to find some aspirin. Wait. He's putting it his mouth? I thought you were supposed to put aspirin between your knees. Huh. Anyhow, Ric finds a file about him and other files concerning people like dead Bill Forbes and dead Medical Examiner Brian. He also finds the knife that was used in the attacks and he knows that knife! Suddenly, Meredith appears and says, "You weren't supposed to find that." Sheesh, Mere -- then stick in it a drawer or something. She ignores me, takes out a gun and shoots Alaric. I suppose I should have used an exclamation point there, but Alaric has died so many times, I'm numb to it. I'm just hoping that Mere is something supernatural and couldn't parse the screwy ring mythology. Better still, maybe she hit Alaric in the liver. That sucker can take abuse.

Just keep that in mind later, all right? I love the emotions "1912" evokes, but my first impression of the plot was that the writers wrote plot points on spaghetti, threw the spaghetti at the wall and used only those points that stuck. I'm going into this weecap with such a bad attitude. I hope that re-watching the episode will help clear up some of my concerns. You ready? Okay.

Mystic Falls, Night, 1912. Sheriff Gerald Forbes and Mr. Zachariah Salvatore exit the town hall. Forbes offers to get a police car to take Mr. Salvatore home, but Salvatore declines. Forbes is concerned because a member of the Founders Council has recently been murdered. Salvatore pooh-poohs this concern, so, of course, he ends up stabbed to death thirty seconds after bidding Forbes goodnight.

Mystic Falls, Day, Present. Mayor Lockwood is harassing Sheriff Liz Forbes about the serial killer who has murdered two council members and tried to kill Alaric. Liz stands her ground. She's not going to discuss the case with the Mayor until she has more facts. We cut to a jail cell. Alaric wakes up and smacks his head on the Title Card.

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