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500 Years Of Solitude

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100 Things I Hate About You

DAMON: Time to force-inject you with some sedatives courtesy of our drug delivering Sheriff, who won't let me kill at 500+ year... thing -- the thing that killed her daughter.

SHERIFF FORBES: My work here is done.

KATHERINE: I dream about the first time I saw Stefan, back in 1864. He's yummy.

EMILY BENNETT: I'm with her!

BUFFY: Kendra? Is that Kendra?

RECAPPER: Sort of, but here she's a Civil War era witch who serves evil vampires.

BUFFY: Oh, I know this one. She's a robot.

RECAPPER: Buffy, please. I'll get in touch, after, via NetFlix.

BUFFY: Am I still your girl?


KATHERINE: Hey Damon, you know that show, How I Met Your Mother?

RECAPPER: Yeah, I dropped it when it got unbearable.

KATHERINE: I'm talking to Damon. Damon, do you want to hear how I met your brother?

DAMON: I'll choose Dr. Whitmore Cuts Off Slices Of My Eyes for $500, Alex.

ALEX TREBEK: Leave me out of this. Cindy hasn't watched Jeopardy in years.

RECAPPER: True story, Bro.

KATHERINE: I want to think the prophecy about the universe drawing together the doppelgängers together is absurd.

RECAPPER: Because it wasn't a frigging prophecy. It was Qetsiyah's theory, after watching history unfold. It wasn't a prophecy until the writers started making you call it one.

ANYA: Sort of like I elevated Olaf from troll to Troll God, even though I'm the one who turned him into a troll, via magic?

RECAPPER: Exactly, also, my husband saw a bunny hop through our yard earlier, so go away.


THOR: That was my hammer, anyhow.

RECAPPER: I love you more than chocolate, but like Anya, you have to leave.

DAMON: I'd rather listen to them than Katherine telling me about the fateful moment she met my brother.

ELENA: Back at the shack of my captivity, the Travelers chant. Sunshine confines Stefan and me to tight quarters. Awkward. I'm sorry for snarking on your sex life earlier, Stefan. It's not my place to judge.

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