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100 Things I Hate About You

TRAVELER: Doesn't speak English.

STEFAN: He's draining some of our magically delicious doppelgänger blood into buckets, and we're not healing.

CAROLINE: Now I shag Klaus.

KLAUS: But not until she makes me confess that Rebekah is currently saving Matt, and she also makes me abandon my vengeance quest against Katerina.

MATT: I'm finally out of the safe, and what do you know -- there's Rebekah. You'd think I'd ask her to take out Nadia, but...

RECAPPER: I know. I know. It's not in the script.

KATHERINE: I tell Damon to go away, and then he turns into a knife-wielding Jenna.


RECAPPER: Don't get excited. It's just Damon manipulating Katherine's dreams and the writers manipulating our hearts. We are better than this.

AUDIENCE: But at least she gets to stab Katherine.

UNCLE SNARK DADDY: No, like me, she's imaginary. So Katherine only imagines that, much like she's going to imagine me cutting off her fingers.

REGINA: Whale, our presence here distracts Cindy.

UNCLE SNARK DADDY: No, I'm really in this scene. I mean, I'm imaginary, but the recapper isn't imagining me, one character is causing another to dream about me.

ELIJAH: Enough!

KATHERINE: You're here.

DAMON: Psych!

RECAPPER: Damn it, Damon. Tease Kiki all you want, but don't do that to me.

NADIA: Shall I apply a broken neck nap?

RECAPPER: To Damon? Be my guest.

ELENA: Back at the shack, Stefan and I are done bleeding. We bond over his gratitude to Katherine, and my hatred of her. It reads weird, but it's a thing. He tells me Damon's only pushing me away because he hates himself.

STEFAN: I also remind her that she never gave up on me, so she shouldn't give up on Damon, and shouldn't let him give up on her.

ELENA: Once the Travelers get enough blood from us, our wounds close and our daylight rings magically reappear on our fingers.

MIA: Back at Mossy Manse, Nadia and I try to get Katherine to incant the spell. She won't say it though.

KATHERINE: I tell Nadia we don't have time for this. Letting my father rip her out of my arms...

RECAPPER: She wasn't in your arms.

KATHERINE: Metaphorically. Whatever. Worst moment of my life. I've had a long full life, and I've finally gotten to know my beautiful daughter. Don't waste another minute on me, Nadia. It's your turn to live. I've made selfish decisions all my life. Let me do right, for once.

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