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Anyhow, Jenna shows Elena how she found a Trudie Peterson who was the same age as Isobel. Upon further Bing-ing she happened upon a picture of that same Trudie Peterson with one Isobel Flemming, in their Grove Hill High School cheerleading uniforms, circa 1993. Trudy still lives in nearby Grove Hill, Virginia, and Jenna has an address for her. Jenna also reveals she hasn't been able to find Isobel at all. AND she reveals that Alaric Saltzman's late wife was also from the area, and also named Isobel. Meep! I love you show and your quick reveals. LOVE!

Elena squanders her alone time in her bedroom with Stefan, by filling him in on what she learned from Jenna. Elena doesn't want Alaric's wife to be her birth mother, because that would mean her birth mother is dead. Stefan admits to Elena that Alaric told him about his wife's death, the night that Alaric attacked him Mystic Falls High School. He thinks it's too much of a coincidence that Alaric's and Elena's Isobels are one in the same, but as we know (although Elena doesn't -- not yet) Stefan also doesn't want it to be true, because Alaric believes Damon killed his Isobel. Stefan offers to go with Elena if she decides to look up Trudie Peterson. Elena doesn't know what she's going to do, yet. Stefan, however, knows what he's got to do, right now. He's got to deal with Damon, who is dealing with Katherine's faithlessness, in his own Damony way.

Mossy Manse; Hold Me Closer Damon Dancer Part the Second: A drunken Damon is partying with three equally un-sober young women, who are in various states of undress. They're all sporting bite marks, and at least one girl has one on her inner thigh. Naughty! When Stefan comes home, turns on the lights and turns off the music, Damon groans at the return of "Buzzkill Bob." Stefan, asks to speak to his brother away from the "Tri-Delts." Heh. Stefan makes a good show about inquiring after Damon's state of mind. Damon tries to glib it up about spending 145 years on one goal -- opening the tomb -- only to discover Katherine wasn't in it. He claims that it's liberating to be without a master plan. "I can do whatever the hell I want." Stefan smirks. "That's kind of what I'm afraid of." Damon smiles. "Relax, I haven't killed anyone in... too long." Well, there's our verbal equivalent of this episode's Chekhov's gun. Stefan wants to know the fate of the Tri-Delts. Damon promises they'll end up in their dorms with headaches, thinking they blacked out.

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