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At This Point, I Miss The Vampires

312 Boulder Ave., Grove Hill, VA: Elena approaches Trudie's house and psyches herself up to knock. When Trudie answers, Elena introduces herself and asks about Isobel Flemming, and if she gave up a baby for adoption. Trudie smiles brightly. "Oh my God, you're her daughter." A beat. "I was just going to make some tea, would you like some?" When Elena says she would, Trudie says, "Uh... the kitchen's... this way." She eyes Elena's feet as they cross the threshold. Guess who knows about vampires? Commercial.

Trudie's Dining Room: Elena gives an awkward, babbling explanation for dropping in on Trudie, out of the blue, and then they get down to business -- talking about Isobel. Trudie says she last saw Isobel about 17 years ago, before she left town to have Elena. They stayed in touch for a while. Isobel was in Florida on her own for a bit. "It wasn't easy." Elena asks who her father might be. Trudie's smile fades. "I could never get her to 'fess up." Is she lying, do you think? Anyhow, Trudie goes to tell Elena that eventually, Isobel pulled it together and went to Duke, on scholarship. "Smart girl. Smart school." Just then the tea kettle whistles. Trudie runs out to the kitchen to grab it, takes her phone out of her pocket and texts: "She's here."

Donovan Domicile: Caroline's gone and Matt is alone in the kitchen with his mother, Kelly, played by Melinda Clarke, a.k.a. The O.C.'s JULIE freaking COOPER (and, more importantly to me, Faith Taylor from DOOL). When he asks where she's been, she says they've been here and there and "you know Pete," to which Matt snarks that he doesn't. It's mom's turn to pick on him and his blonde flavor of the month. "Matty, seriously, Lezzie Forbes' daughter?" Matt says, "Mom, seriously? Knock it off." Whatever, Kelly has more important things to talk about than her son's life, like how she'd like some ice for her booze. Matt obliges and then asks, "Have you heard from Vic?" Kelly tells Matt not to worry about his sister, saying she'll come home when she needs something. "I played that game." I bet you did, sister. Matt: "Are you playing it now?" Kelly deflects the question as best she can by making Matt feel guilty for implying she needs an excuse to come home. She then turns on the charm, inviting her son to sit and eat with her. "Tell me everything I've missed." Too bad emotional-vampires don't need an invite.

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