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At This Point, I Miss The Vampires

Elena hustles out to the car. As she unlocks it, she first looks up at Trudie's house, and then down the street to her right. And OMG, the HEADLESS HORSEMAN IS STALKING ELENA. Oh, wait, now he's just a guy, with a head (and without a horse). Did you all see that camera work? If not, I can't describe it, so here's some very bad art of the before and after. After Elena gets in her car and drives off, the Horseless Headman walks down the street, and we cut to...

The Grill: Alaric is sitting at the bar drinking when Damon walks in and orders a Bourbon. "Behold, the teacher. Don't you have some papers to grade?" Alaric says, "It's more fun with a buzz." Damon: "Most things in life are. Sober's... depressing." Is it just me or are they over manscaping Damon's eyebrows these days? The boys banter for a moment, and then Alaric takes off. Soon, Damon is joined by Sheriff Forbes. He asks her if she's ever had her heart ripped out. She says, "You forget I was married." Damon says, "Right! Gay husband." While She's-the-Sheriff cringes, Damon orders her a drink and invites her to sit. It's then that Liz reveals her real reason for seeking him out. She needs to find one more man for the Bachelor Auction. When Damon asks if this is what she does when she's not hunting vampires, Liz says, "At this point, I miss the vampires." She begs Damon to agree to participate because Carol Lockwood (Mama Mulva) won't let her live it down if she comes back empty handed. Damon decides that having a bunch of women clamoring for date with him "sounds tasty." When Liz thanks him, Damon makes a request of his own. He wants her to check out the new history teacher, Alaric Saltzman, saying something seems off about him. Damon, philanthropist that he is, just wants to make sure the high school did its homework. Liz is happy to oblige.

Trudie's: The doorbell rings. Trudie opens it to find the Horseless Headman. He thanks her for her text. Trudie says, "I didn't tell her anything. I kept my promise. [...] The girl though, she knew something." Horseless says that's not a problem, she won't be getting any closer to the truth. When Trudie asks if she's done, Horseless starts to force his way inside the house. Trudie screams that he is so not invited in. Horseless says that doesn't matter. He's not a vampire. He chases poor Trudie inside and up the steps. When he reaches her, he grabs her and throws her all the way down the flight of stairs, and walks over her corpse on his way out. Commercial.

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