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The Grill: As Carol Lockwood emcees, we pan over to Alaric and Jenna. When Alaric apologizes for his behavior earlier, Jenna completely understands. She suggests that at some point, maybe he and Elena could talk. When Alaric is less than receptive, Jenna adds, "No pressure." Alaric is not sure it's a great idea, right now. Scott says Jenna is being too pushy. I say bull. She's trying to help her poor, orphaned niece. She has her priorities on straight, for once.

Mossy Manse: Elena is gone when Damon returns to the parlor with a better fitting jacket. "Where'd our girlfriend go?" Stefan doesn't appear mind that wording -- doesn't even flinch. He just says, "She's on her way to the grill." Stefan stayed behind to talk to his brother. He shows him the picture of Isobel and asks if he remembers her, now. Damon says, "Who wants to know?" Stefan: "I do." Damon: "Who else wants to know?" Stefan answers that with a question. "Did you kill her?" Damon shrugs. "Sorry, don't know her." He walks toward the door and asks Stefan if he's coming. "The Real Housewives of Mystic Falls await." The Real Housewives (and Students, and Working Women, and some of the Fellas) of TWoP would have gladly pooled our pennies for a chance at this auction. Just sayin', Show.

Grill: Caroline is explaining to Elena how Matt is total cougar-bait at the Grill, when the ultimate cougar, and the one who has no designs on Matt (please God) walks in -- Kelly Donovan. She completely ignores Caroline's friendly greeting and makes a big show of saying hello to Elena and hugging her. She then tells Elena that she really broke Matt's heart and that Caroline is his rebound girl. She does this all with Matt and Caroline standing right exactly there. She's terribly naughty. I adore her! She then hands Caroline her money for the auction. "I just hope I don't get Bachelor No. 3. Dated him in high school. Not impressive." She wait a beat and then whispers, "In any way." Matt dies yet another death. As Elena watches Kelly walk off, she catches a glimpse of Alaric, but when she establishes eye contact with him, he turns and walks away. Meanwhile, across the Grill, Damon is schmoozing with Mama Mulva, telling her about the romantic date he has planned for the auction winner. Mulva says it sounds so good she's tempted to bid. Damon tells her to rig the contest.

When Liz Forbes walks in, he excuses himself to talk to her. She gives him the rundown on Alaric. He's clean, but he's got a sad story. His wife went missing a few years ago, back in N.C. When Damon asks if she has a name, Liz shows him her file. "Yeah, Isobel." Damon looks from the picture across the bar to Alaric, and smiles maliciously.

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