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School. Stefan is trying to teach Rebekah how to slide down the hallway, like they are in The Breakfast Club, which was so two episodes ago. It's all a ruse so that she'll be accessible to a good daggering from Matt. Rebekah doesn't realize Matt is waiting for her, but when Stefan tells her to take off her shoes, she takes out the dagger and willingly gives it to Stefan. She knows he's been setting her up all night; she just doesn't know how far he was planning to go. Then she opens her heart and unwittingly saves herself. After admitting she cares about koala corsages, and proms, and would love to have babies with a guy who'd pull a Lloyd Dobler in her front yard, she finally says it; she wants to be human. "So let Klaus put down my brother and let's go find the cure." It's then that Stefan does the most amazing thing and shakes Matt off. This is the kind of growing and learning we got in the '80s, you jaded Post-Moderns, and it was fantabulous.

Bennett Bungalow. Interim Dad wants to object as Abby Abandoner prepares some more herbs with which to drug their still unconscious Interim Daughter, but Abby explains she needs to keep Bonnie down until she can summon some witches to clean the girl's mind of Shane's poisonous Expression. Unfortunately, she's a little too slow with the mortar and pestle. Bonnie wakes, magically isables her mother and proclaims her freedom. "I don't belong to the spirits any more. I belong to myself," then heads out.

We then cut to Gilbert Gables, where you already know what happens, so let's fast forward. As Kol goes up in flames, Klaus arrives at the doorway, just in time to watch his brother die, so he cries us into commercial.

After the break, Klaus reacts as you'd expect. Elena tries to excuse it by saying they had no choice, as Kol was trying to cut off Jeremy's arm. It's true enough, but Klaus already heard from Kol that the Gilberts were trying to kill him, and he knows they had to invite him inside in the first place. Clearly, it was a trap. Klaus screams that he wanted to take care of Kol on his own terms. Now he plans to burn the house to the ground and when the Gilberts try to run, he'll kill them without blinking. Jeremy says if Klaus kills them, he'll never get to the cure and won't be able to make any more hybrids. Klaus doesn't even care about that. He planned on killing them all as soon as they dug up the cure, but now he'll watch them burn instead. His rant is cut short by Bonnie who magically disables him. She orders Jeremy to invite Klaus in. Once Klaus crosses the threshold, Bonnie slows him again and orders the Gilberts into the living room. When Klaus follows and tries to get to them, he's trapped inside a mystical barrier. Jeremy grabs the Perma-Son of White Oak stake from Kol's corpse and runs to the door with Elena. As Bonnie surveys her jail spell, Klaus tells her she can't do this to him. Bonnie brags that he has no idea what she can do. As the threesome leaves, Klaus screams that he will hunt them all 'til their end.

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