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Kol tells Elena to open the door and invite him in, if she really wants a truce. Thinking more quickly than she has in a dozen episodes, Elena grabs a chalkboard off the wall (you know, not the school kind, just one of those little phone message jobs; this one looks like a small menu board) and writes instructions out for the boys, so that Kol can't overhear them. First she instructs Matt to help Stefan find the dagger and use it against Rebekah. (Vampires cannot dagger Originals.)

While Elena is writing and gesturing, Kol is babbling about why it's safe to invite him in. He doesn't personally want to kill Jeremy, because he doesn't want to suffer the Hunter's Curse. He knows vervain is back in town, so he figures he can't compel Elena to kill Jeremy either. Elena then instructs Jeremy to get out and get Bonnie. Stupidly, Jeremy whispers, "I'm the only one who can invite him inside." Kol makes no secret of overhearing that, so Elena rolls her eyes and opens the door. I like Jeremy, but let's have a word about his stupidity. While Elena does want to lull Kol into a false sense of complacency with this truce talk, she and Jeremy need Bonnie if they have a prayer of (believably, and I'll get to that at the right time, I promise) slaying Kol. Jeremy should have followed Elena's instructions then she'd have a reasonable excuse for not inviting in Kol, and Jeremy could have actually gone and gotten Bonnie. Whatever. The show wants Kol inside Gilbert Gables, so inside he will be. Elena makes Kol promise to let Jeremy go. Kol agrees, so Jeremy invites him in then takes off out the back door.

After an awkward product placement for Kol's smart phone that turns into a cute little character moment involving his love of music, the fake truce talk begins in... earnest isn't the right word, since they're fake, but you know what I mean. Kol is clumsy enough to let his jacket hang open, which allows Elena time to see that he's carrying the Perma-Son of White Oak stake right on his very own person. Kol prompts Elena to offer him a drink so they can have a proper chat. Since that's the end of the scene, I got ahead of myself when I claimed that the truce talks begin in this scene. I would go back and change it, but you guys watch The Vampire Diaries. Clearly, you prefer speed over detail, yes?

Rebekah is going over her clothing collection, bemoaning the colors and fabrics that exemplify the fashion high crimes and misdemeanors that were the 1980s. She's not wrong, but since she was daggered until quite recently, how does she know? What's more, where did she get this stuff? I'd wonder about a costume shop, but she's got two large racks of clothing. Is Mystic Falls so evil that it has a costume shop dedicated to the 1980s? Goodness. Get the President on the phone and request a drone strike. When Rebekah presses Stefan to see if he's inviting her as his date to the dance, he has to break the news that it has been cancelled. This girl will never get to a dance, will she? I love the look on her face when she learns the sad news. She was almost that sad when various family members died.

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