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Covering her extreme sorrow, Rebekah turns to Stefan and asks if he's there for more dagger talk. Even though I basically think all of the Originals who aren't Elijah should die (provided we could find a way for Klaus's death to not take out the Fellowship of the Falls, and I only worry about them sometimes, because after all, Matt would still be standing), I applaud Rebekah's skepticism here. I'm so tired of seeing people prey on her emotions and then betray her, even Bitter Stefan. There's an exchange between them about Stefan trying to sneak out in the morning. When he says he doesn't regret their um... assignation, Rebekah asks Stefan if he wants it to happen again, Stefan says, "Maybe." She wonders if that would be true, even if she won't give him the dagger. When Stefan tries to play innocent, Rebekah calls him out on it then says she should pack up the clothing racks. So there is a 1980s Costume Shop in town. Well, Ethan Rayne can't be running it, so burn it down and salt the earth.

Returning some clothing to the rack, Rebekah turns back to Stefan. "Well, that's another failed attempt at getting to a high school dance." Poor baby. Poor one thousand year-old baby. When Stefan asks Rebekah why she cares so much about a high school dance, she lies that she doesn't. "I'm just bored." Seizing the opportunity, Stefan says they can still go if she wants. When Rebekah says they can't go if it is cancelled, Stefan tempts her with a, "Since when do you care about the rules?" Somebody's cover of "Maneater" is playing the whole time, but since it's not Hall and Oates, my inner '80s child won't let me look up the artist, because then I'd spend too much time wondering why, considering Hall and Oates' sizable catalogue, anyone would choose to cover "Maneater."

Klaus is still babysitting Damon and by babysitting, I mean taunting. He berates him for being too slow to get Jeremy killing, and for allowing Kol to kill all the baby vamps at the Zanadew Lounge. I'm tired of exposition and was going to skip it entirely, but I'm as hooked the spelling of Zanadew as Jon Stewart is on mentioning Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. Diagnose me with ADD, or call me Olivia Newton-John, which is far more episode (although not season) appropriate than Samuel Taylor Coleridge, but now I'm wondering how many of you are saying, "Zanadewiasosopo." Just me, then? Fine. Oh dear, where was I?

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