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The point of the scene is this. Klaus decides to pump Damon for romantic advice. What's his secret to getting Elena to forgive him for all his sins? Joseph Morgan's face and voice do the heavy lifting in this scene. One moment, he is sneering and taunting. The next he is laying himself bare, and is clearly still the loneliest snowflake on his own dreary canvas.

Damon relishes the opportunity to elbow Klaus about his crush. "I think you murdered Carol Lockwood, and I think you're worried Caroline is never going to forgive you." He then softens a little (or maybe a lot, considering he's dealing with Klaus), in the sense that he offers Klaus an answer. Damon says while he is bad with a purpose, Klaus is just bad to be a dick. Oh, Damon, don't make me go back through all the recaps and remind you of how many times you've done bad things just to be a dick. Let's forget about all the times you killed Alaric, once you knew he was wearing a Protect-o ring and jump straight to the time you killed Jeremy when you didn't know he was wearing one. His point is this: "If you're going to be bad, be bad with purpose. Otherwise you're not worth forgiving." I leave it to you all to debate if this has anything at all to do with Elena's ability to forgive our Evil Pixie Monster, because I'm just not all that hung up on it. To me, her forgiveness is like weather. It just happens. It's a fact of Elena. Since her only other suitor is Stefan, I don't really see the kind of difference that so many fans do.

Back at Gilbert Gables, Kol is playing video games when Elena returns with the hooch. Kol tries to school her in cocktail preparation and exposits about how the Mikaelsons lived in New Orleans at some point, which is where Klaus finally daggered Kol. I hope this means that someday, we'll get a Damon/Kol flashback that we were supposed to get last season. Talk finally turns truce-y and Elena claims she's willing to stop looking for the cure, provided Kol will leave Jeremy alone. When she goes to get some ice, she texts Jeremy to inform him that Kol has the Perma-Son of White Oak stake. Jeremy texts back that he's still trying to find Bonnie, so Elena should keep Kol there. When Elena shuts the fridge door, Kol is standing right on the other side of it glaring.

Cut to the street, where Jeremy is leaving another frantic voicemail for Bonnie, then back to the house where it seems like Elena might have gotten away with texting. There's more smalltalk and then Kol asks Elena if she's killed. "Or are you one of those Mary Sue vampires?" I know everyone seems to have loved this line, but it broke the fourth wall a little too much for me (and I'm usually fine with that). Elena admits that she killed once, and then finally Kol suggests they talk about Silas. As he heads out to the living room. Elena gets a text from Matt, who has had no luck finding the dagger, yet. We cut to...

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