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Gilbert Gables. Since the gin is all gone, Elena returns with a bottle of wine. Kol wonders why he should believe that Elena is willing to give up the cure, when she so obviously wants to be human again. Elena says she'd do anything for her brother. "If what you're saying about Silas is true, what does it matter what I want, if it puts everyone else in danger?" Okay, I think that line of dialogue is a mistake. Elena's already running a likability deficit. In the last couple of episodes, she mentioned giving up the search for the cure if it meant danger to Jeremy or that he had to kill innocents, or something. And she said that not to Originals, but to Damon or friends. I don't have time to back and look for the specifics. My point is she said it and meant it. Now, I can see her not immediately buying into the Silas story, but since she's talking to a thousand year old vampire, and is herself a vampire, it's not beyond the pale that Kol's story could hold some truth.

Would it have been all that outrageous for Elena (and for any of the Fellowship, or the other Mikaelsons, for that matter) to stop and think this Silas thing might be worth looking into? That she doesn't, to me, not only fails to jibe with the Elena we've known for three and a half seasons (which okay, she's a vampire now, and she's sire bound, and whatever else, so granted there's wiggle room there), but with common sense. She loves her brother. And Matt. And her supernatural friends, too. Why would she be willing to unleash hell on earth, just for a cure, especially since she's now better adjusted to vampirism? I suppose being free of the sire bond could be her motivation, but that seems selfish for this girl who spent a couple of seasons trying to die for her friends whenever she could, and it also doesn't jibe with her reaction to the sire bond. I mean she doesn't like the fact of it, but she also seems ready to wave it away, when it comes to being with Damon. I'm rambling. Let's move on. Kol gives Elena the stink eye and decides to go. Elena tries to stall him by asking if there's any chance he could be wrong about Silas. Kol just says, "Trust me, Elena. Some things are better left buried," and then leaves.

School. Stefan and Rebekah arrive in the darkened gym or cafeteria. I can't tell. They pick on '80s music for a moment, while Stefan hooks up his MP3 player or phone or gadget to the speaker and then cracks, "I hope you like The Cure." Rebekah sighs, "Funny," then there's a bunch of blather about '80s movies, and tries to tie the era's sentimentality to the two of them. I hate his guts right now, so much, but only for a second, because Stefan pulls out a little box about the size of a jewelry box-- not the size of the one on your bureau, but rather the size of the kind you get from the jewelry store. Rebekah lies, "That had better not be a corsage." What is with the dialogue? I'm cool with the fact that she both wants a corsage and feels the need to cover that desire, but what kind of corsage could fit in that little box -- one miniature carnation? Ah I can't stay mad long though, because it's a Koala Bear clip. I pause the episode to tell my daughter all about these little doodads. She laughs at me and hurts my '80s feelings. Brat. Stefan clips the little bear to Rebekah's dress and invites her to dance.

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