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Rebekah looks on as Kol waterboards Shane and demands to know the location of the cure. Back in the science lab, April starts coughing. Meanwhile, Rebekah asks Shane why, as a human, he even wants the cure. Shane says, "That's the beauty of this. You can have it. I just want Silas." Um... why wouldn't he say that before the torture began? Whatever.

Kol is startled at the mention of Silas's name and wants to know what Shane knows about Silas. Shane exposits that he's the world's first immortal, who just happens to be imprisoned with the cure. When Shane says he want to free Silas, Kol resumes the water boarding. Back in the lab, April starts coughing up water. When Rebekah stops Kol, April starts breathing again.

While Kol is alarmed by the mention of Silas and says he'll kill them all, Rebekah writes him off as a fairy tale, but Shane insists he's very real and Shane knows where he's buried. Kol thinks Shane is fronting and doesn't have the means to get to Silas, until Shane babbles on about having the tombstone and getting dozens to die in a blood sacrifice. Rebekah realizes he's the one who got the Council blown up. Shane says, "It was a noble sacrifice and temporary, because once I raise Silas, Silas will raise the dead. He will bring back every last soul who died on his behalf." Kol grabs a nearby rod. Shouting, "No!" he shoves it into Shane's gut.

Back in the lab, blood oozes from April's midsection. Bonnie says, "Oh my God," as she tries to keep April from falling. And in the supply closet, Shane falls to the floor and plays possum.

Meanwhile, in the library, Tyler knocks down rows of books as his painful transition begins. He thinks he can fight it, but soon his bones start breaking. When his eyes turn lupine, he orders his friends to get out. Stefan shuts the doors behind them, as Caroline runs off to the left. Elena knows the doors won't hold Tyler. As she and Stefan run off to the right, Tyler bursts through the doors. Once they make it through another set of doors, Stefan shuts them and secures them by sticking a fire axe through the handles. When Tyler pushes against the doors, they realize the axe isn't going to do the trick. Elena rips off the door to a nearby locker and shoves it through the handles. She and Stefan push against the doors until Tyler's growls stop. Nobody worries about Caroline.

Supply Closet. Rebekah is furious that Kol killed her only chance at a cure, but Kol says, "Silas on the loose would be hell on earth. And frankly, sister, I don't think you could handle it." To prove his point, he pulls out the Son of White Oak stake. Rebekah asks how he got it. Kol says, "Way too easily," and walks off. Leaving Shane lying on the floor, Rebekah follows her brother out the door. It's then that Shane opens his eyes and gasps in pain. Sitting up, he pulls the rod out of his gut and whispers, "Bonnie."

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