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Science Lab. Bonnie is kneeling over the unconscious April and crying for help when Elena and Stefan find her. As Bonnie explains that she did a protection spell that linked Shane to April, Stefan bites open his wrist and feeds the poor girl his blood. When Elena wonders why Bonnie couldn't control it, Bonnie says that usually she bleeds or feels pain during a spell, but this time she just felt more power. When April wakes with a gasp, Stefan holds her and tells her it will be okay, and then tells Bonnie to get April out of the school. "Just be careful. Tyler is out there and he turned." So maybe now isn't the best time for Bonnie and April to leave. I mean, we know it's going to be okay, but clearly Stefan doesn't. This exit feels so inorganic to the plot. When Bonnie wants Elena and Stefan to come with her, Elena explains that Rebekah has compelled them not to leave. Stefan tells Bonnie to go. They'll deal with Rebekah later.

Once they're alone, Elena tells Stefan they have to talk about "this." Stefan refuses. "How many more ways are there for you to rip my heart out?" When Elena says she's sorry, Stefan wonders if she's sorry it happened or just that he found out. Elena says she's sorry about all of it. "I didn't mean to hurt you. I didn't want that." They're interrupted by Rebekah who asks, "Why are my least favorite people always the most durable?" Oh word, right?

Meanwhile, Caroline enters the gym. Tyler is back in human form, lying naked on the floor in front of his mother's memorial table. In a nod to just how seriously Mystic Falls takes fire safety, the candles on the table are still burning. Oh, maybe this is a vampire safety plan instead. Maybe those in the know purposefully flout fire safety, in hopes that they can decrease the town's vampire infestation. No, wait. Liz is one of the few in the know and she wouldn't want Caroline to die in a fire. Ah well, that the candles are still burning is a mystery for the ages, but it's a pretty one that shines a soft, warm glow on this touching scene. Caroline covers Tyler with a table cloth, sits next to him and holds him in her arms. As she rubs his head and kisses him, Tyler says he's sorry. Caroline says it's not his fault. Tyler says it's all his fault. Now he's speaking of his mother. "I should have saved her." Caroline just rocks her boy and holds on tight.

Science Lab. Stefan asks Rebekah to leave Elena out of this. "This is between me and you." Rebekah laughs. "You're still protecting her. Must I rip your bleeding heart out of your chest and show you the scar tissue that is Elena Gilbert." I wish Katherine could be here, because she'd enjoy this scene. When Elena winces at this, Rebekah approaches her. "There's a solution to all your problems, you know. I could compel him. Erase every memory he has of you. Every day you spent together. Every kiss. Every lie. Every ounce of pain. I can take every bit of love he has for you. Give you both a clean slate. Just say the word and I'll make you and all that misery you've caused him disappear." Behind Rebekah, Stefan says, "Do it." Elena's eyes fly open wide. Rebekah is almost as surprised. Stefan again tells Rebekah to do it. She giggles at him and refuses. It would be far too easy. "I refuse to make you forget her, the way Klaus made you forget me." Turning to Elena, Rebekah smiles and says, "At least you know how he really feels." Rebekah tells Stefan that his eternal pain is her revenge. "I've used you for all you're worth, so now you're free to go."

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