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Uncharacteristically wordless, Damon looks around as if he's trying to convince himself he is awake. Again, Elena says, "I love you." Damon finally speaks. "Look. I'm going to get this cure for you. And I'm gonna have to do things you don't like." He ignores Elena when she tries to interrupt him. "But listen carefully. Get in your car. Right now. Come to me." Elena smiles. "I'll be there soon." When she hangs up, we cut back to Damon who turns his gaze to the heavens, then finally smiles. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Rebekah barges in, but it seems Stefan invited her over. When she asks if she should be checking for hidden daggers, Stefan asks her if she still wants to find the cure. Rebekah says, "More than anything. I want to ram it down Niklaus's throat and look into his eyes as he's mortal again, but Shane's dead and you are useless, so I'm right back where I started." Stefan explains that Shane isn't dead, thanks to Bonnie's protection spell. Rebekah knows Stefan didn't have to tell her that, so she asks why she's really there. Stefan says, "You were right. I'm gonna be here for an eternity and I will go insane if I don't know how Elena truly feels about my brother." Rebekah tells Stefan that Shane has a dark agenda. "He said he organized dozens of people to die in sacrifice. He admitted to the Council explosion where 12 people died and I'm guessing it's not a coincidence that 12 hybrids died at the hand of my brother."

After taking everything in, Stefan FINALLY puts two and two together. "Twelve. Channeling the energy from a mass death is used in witchcraft to perform dark spells. It's called Expression. Shane admitted all this to you?" Rebekah says, "Proudly." Stefan: "Well, I guess we'll have to figure out how to manage him when we find the cure for ourselves." When Rebekah says there is no "we," Stefan reminds her that they each hate their own brothers; Damon has Jeremy; Klaus had the sword; Shane has Bonnie. Stefan and the Beckster are the only ones left with nothing. Whoever finds the cure first controls its use. "What do you say?" Do you want to be partners?" Oh Rebekah, normally, I'd be on Stefan's side, but I just hate to see you get played yet again. It makes little sense to me that Stefan went to Rebekah, rather than to Bonnie and Shane -- at least before this scene -- before he know about the Expression magic. I sure hope he tells Bonnie what's the what with that stuff. We cut to the...

Mystic Grill. April is meeting with the Sheriff and Mayor. She insists her father had no reason to kill himself and eleven other people. He must have been brainwashed into it. "Professor Shane organized his death and the eleven others who died with him." Wait, how does she know? Oh well, whatever. Let's just assume Rebekah caught her up to speed. Rudy and Liz look at each other. April says, "It's time this entire town started telling the truth." We cut to another town, where it's time for something else.

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