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Given my stupidity regarding "vamp running," I'm hesitant to nitpick, but I feel like Caroline maybe missed the memo on what Stefan's "Ripper" tendencies involve. Yes, they involve a lot of drinking -- but it's blood, not booze, that is the problem. And then of course, there's the ripping people up and piecing them back together. There's exposition about Elena and Damon and how they've slept with each other. Caroline reminds Stefan that he's not supposed to know that information (as in, he learned it from her so he's to pretend he knows nothing) and tells him that since Tyler is spiraling, he gets priority right now. Stefan is fine with that. I don't think he's in the mood to be one of Caroline's projects. Caroline also exposits that she suspects Klaus of Carol's murder and tells Stefan he needs to get it together, because she can't take care of everything, alone. I'm not sure that's factually correct. If the rest of these kids would just take a day off, I bet Caroline could have the town in order by 5:00 PM.

Elena awakes from her neck-nap in the library. April is there and asks Elena how many times she compelled her. "Don't lie. Rebekah says you lie." Elena tells April that Rebekah isn't who she seems to be. April: "What? She's not a thousand-year-old original vampire?" I wish Elena had answered the question like this, "Me, personally, or all of us combined, because sister, you've been compelled a lot. And I'm pretty sure Rebekah is compelling you, right now." Elena tells April they can figure it out, but then need to get out of the school. Elena takes April by the wrist, but the girl seems to go along willingly enough. They don't even get out of the library stacks before Rebekah arrives and compels Elena to take a seat. "The rest of the class will be here shortly."

Lake House. As Jeremy works out with Matt (and both guys are wearing sleeveless T-shirts; I love you too, Julie Plec), Damon listens to a saved voice mail message from Elena. She must have left it before Rebekah broke her neck and kidnapped her, because the message is all about the sire bond and missing him and blah bitty blah. Let's watch the boys spar instead. Matty has some swagger, so he must have forgotten that he's seen how strong new, improved Jeremy is. When Jeremy gets Matt to the ground and nearly snaps his arm, Matt slaps him off and declares him a badass.

Damon is unimpressed with what he deems Jeremy's "slow-motion" skills, so Jeremy tells Damon to teach him something worthwhile. Damon tosses Jeremy a stake. The boy rushes at him, but Damon has no trouble spinning him around. As he holds the Germ by the neck, Damon taunts him about how easy it would be to snap his neck. Their session is interrupted by a pizza delivery. Clearly, nobody on the writing staff or in the prop department has teenaged boys, because one large pizza would never suffice. The woman teases the boys about ordering a double pepperoni three days in a row, and wonders if they eat anything else.

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