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Stefan proclaims this a waste of Rebekah's time. Rebekah can't believe Stefan would just give up and rubs in the fact that he was prepared to do anything so that he could take the cure with Elena, which meant that they could grow old and die together. Elena looks appropriately sheepish at that, as she should. Rebekah interprets sheepish as surprised and asks what's going on. Caroline cracks first and blurts out that Stefan and Elena broke up. Rebekah taunts Stefan about his epic love and compels him to explain what happened. When Stefan says, "She slept with Damon," it's then that Elena truly looks surprised... at least until she looks at Caroline and turns on the stink-eye. Then it's Caroline's turn to look sheepish. We cut to the...

Lake House. Jeremy and Damon exposit about the hunter's mark and curing Elena. Damon cracks that he's updated his Facebook status (in re: Damon and Jeremy) to: "It's complicated." Really, that should cover all his relationships, yes? I mean his least complicated relationship is with Alaric, and that's only because Alaric is dead. Damon asks Jeremy if he's talked to Elena, lately. Jeremy smirks. "Maybe. Why? Running out of voicemails to listen to?" It's then that Klaus arrives and interrupts them. He's annoyed that Jeremy hasn't killed any vampires since he's been at the lake. There's snark, but it's so much better coming from Joseph Morgan's lips than it is from my fingers, so I'm not going to transcribe.

Klaus wants the cure stat -- what with his hybrid shortage -- and asks how he can help. Taking the gun that Jeremy had been loading and unloading, Damon says, "You know, now that you mention it... Jeremy, watch and learn." He then unloads the (wooden, I presume) bullets into Klaus's chest. It's not going to kill him, but it is going to piss him off so this seems like a spectacularly bad idea, even for Damon. Our Evil Pixie Monster is an emotional critter though, and can't help himself. As Klaus glares at him, Damon says, "That's for Carol Lockwood."

Back at the high school, Rebekah stands in for the fans as she mocks Elena for being a bad boy loving trollop, as well as Stefan for reeking of booze, and then asks how sweet, loving and innocent Elena could be so heartless toward Stefan. Stefan says, "She didn't know it at the time, but she was sired to Damon." With the whiff of juicy gossip overwhelming her originally keen sense of smell, Rebekah momentarily forgets all about the race for the cure and takes out a cellar of salt to rub in her captives' wounds. She gets Elena to say, "I didn't sleep with Damon because of the sire bond. I slept with Damon because I'm in love with him." Caroline and I cringe on Stefan's behalf. Elena seems startled at her own words. Caroline turns the subject back to the cure. Stefan tells Rebekah that Professor Shane knows about the cure. When Rebekah asks about Shane's whereabouts, we cut to...

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