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Shane's Office. Bonnie is there venting about her father. She believes he's been such an absentee father, because he hates her witch heritage so she finds it a little rich that daddy is now referring to her as gifted. She's ticked that he suddenly wants to be a protective father. I can't blame her, but I really wish this scene had taken place between Bonnie and her dad. It's hard for me to feel the emotions when I already know Shane is such a creepy sneak. I'm far too distracted by wondering what he'll do next and how hurt Bonnie will be. When she asks him if there's some magical therapy they can try, Shane tells her she's learned all he has to teach and presents her with a graduation present of sorts. Bonnie takes the amulet and pronounces it beautiful. When Shane says it is made of human bone, Bonnie lets out a little, "Oh," but fails to run out of that office as quickly as she can. Shane says it was worn by the 2000 year old witch, Q, who drew on it for strength. He needs her to leave now, because he has a stack of papers to grade. Bonnie thanks him and walks out -- with the HUMAN BONE AMULET.

Bonnie has never been stupid, so I'm going to chalk this up to a side effect of Expression magic. I'm going to chalk this next scene up to that as well. In the recaplet, I described the next scene thusly: Bonnie actually passes Kol in the hallway, but she's too busy returning his eye flirts to let his identity sink into her brain until it's too late. Last season, there were fans who 'shipped Bonnie and Kol (some rather rabidly, considering there was no story to support it). I can't help but feel the eye flirting is pandering to these fans at the expense of Bonnie's characterization..

I have gotten so much flak about those three sentences -- you would not believe it. Oh wait, you're on the Internet so maybe you would. One fan went so far as to order me to stop "desexualizing" Bonnie, which... what? Right now, I wish I was Demian so I could go on some eviscerating tear and be done with it. Sadly, I am me and when I'm accused of ridiculous things, I feel the need to over-explain to the point where my victims' readers eyes roll out of their heads and clear across the floor.

To the extent that I can, I'll resist rambling and note that if you think I want to desexualize Bonnie, you probably haven't read many of my recaps (which is fine). I'm constantly harping on the fact that I would like Bonnie to be a more fully realized character who isn't treated like a mere tool. (And to give the show its due, she's headed that way.) That said, while I realize it's not like Bonnie spent any significant time with Kol, she's still a witch and witches on this show pretty much know they're dealing with vampires. I don't know if that's been spoken outright, but it's been shown as far back as Season 1. Bonnie was averse to Stefan as soon as she met him. So back to what I was saying: I'm going to blame her reaction here on Expression magic, because before she was shut off from nature-based magic, she could sense the evil dead. That's what was in my mind when I was writing the recaplet. (But do you now see what I meant about some of the 'shipping coming across as a bit rabid, considering there's never been a Bonnie/Kol story? Damn. I wish I could be Demian, just for five minutes.)

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