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When Bonnie realizes she's just eye-flirted with Kol, she rushes to Shane's office. As she runs down the hallway, she hears something smash and shouts out "Shane" as she pushes open the door. Inside, some furniture has been upended and odds and ends litter the floor. Boonie looks sick as she surveys the office. Now that I've finished the scene, I want to address some more feedback I've gotten on the Bonnie/Kol thing. People have asked me why it's okay for Elena to be in love with Stefan and then Damon -- both of whom have sordid pasts -- and why it's okay for Caroline to flirt with Klaus, but it's not okay for Bonnie to make eyes at Kol. First of all, it's not okay for Elena and Caroline. More than once, I've wished that Elena (particularly when she was human) would run away with Matt or just pull a Kelly Taylor, choose herself and get these bloodsucking fiends of out her life. I would be appalled if Caroline hooked up with Klaus, considering all the evil he has wrought. That said, I do enjoy Elena and Stefan, and Elena and Damon. And I'd likely enjoy Caroline and Klaus. I'd think it was horrible and I'd enjoy it. This is a series about vampires and other creatures of the night. Welcome to the horror genre, where characters are supposed to do horrible things. We can both judge them for their poor choices and desperately hope they make even worse ones.

Tyler is at home and drinking up Mommy's booze when he gets a call. Caller ID reports it's from Caroline, but it is actually Rebekah. She gives him her condolences since Klaus has messed up her life and she can do nothing if not relate to that. She invites him to the school, so he can accept in person. When Tyler asks why he'd do that, Rebekah says, "Because I have your girlfriend. Maybe you have a better shot of saving her than you did your mother. Bye now." Displaying some of his inner 'roid-rage, Tyler throws his phone. It smashes to the floor. I can't judge him for that though, since at least it's his own phone. Elena feels me.

Back at the school, Kol delivers Shane to Rebekah. We cut to the...

Lake House. Night. As a Southern boy, Damon takes an appropriate level of umbrage when British/Viking Klaus criticizes his whittling. Klaus is still harping on the fact that Jeremy hasn't killed any vampires. When Damon explains that Jeremy isn't ready, Klaus isn't buying and says there's a town full of people down the road who can be turned and slain in a jiffy. Well, he doesn't say "jiffy," but he totally would. Klaus knows what's going on. Damon is trying to be good for Elena's sake, so Klaus says, "That's why I've already made the necessary corrections." Eyes wide with alarm, Damon says, "What did you do?"

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