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Someone Just Shot A Panda Bear

Audience: Seriously?

Recapper: Yep.

Alaric is at Meredith's place, letting her care for him. He's got a bump on his noggin and probably a broken rib, so he crashes on her couch. When he wakes, he heads to her kitchen to find some aspirin. Wait. He's putting it his mouth? I thought you were supposed to put aspirin between your knees. Huh. Anyhow, Ric finds a file about him, and other files concerning people like dead Bill Forbes and dead Medical Examiner Brian. He also finds the knife that was used in the attacks, and he knows that knife! Suddenly, Meredith appears and says, "You weren't supposed to find that." Sheesh, Mere. Then stick in it a drawer or something. She ignores me, takes out a gun and shoots Alaric. I suppose I should have used an exclamation point there, but Alaric has died so many times, I'm numb to it. I'm just hoping that Mere is something supernatural, and couldn't parse the screwy ring mythology. Better still, maybe she hit Alaric in the liver. That sucker can take abuse.

If you read the recaplet (which was actually more of a review, this time), you already know I had some trouble grading the episode. Now that I've watched a few more times, and written it up, I am adjusting my grade down to a B-. I think the performances were solid, but I'm tired of Elena being used as the damsel in distress. I'm not crazy about how Bonnie is used, and I'm tired of Ric getting killed. I would like Ric to stay on the show for a good long time, but not if they're just going to keep killing him. Right now, I'm having a hard time caring if he'll be back when the show returns from this next mini-hiatus. I'm pretty sure that's not what the writing staff has in mind.

I do love everything that happened between the Salvatore boys. Their brotherly love story is every bit as important to the love triangle as are their relationships with Elena. When the show returns, I would really love to see Elena decide she needs to get away from the Salvatore boys for a while -- not to say that she should shun them. I would just like to see her set some boundaries. Assuming Ric recovers, I would expect and hope he would have her back, where Stefan and Damon are concerned. I know Damon has already declared his shot with her to be a lost cause. I know Stefan knows he's not good for Elena. But you know -- I'd like to see Elena make some choices. Whether the guys realize it or not, they're treating her like an object. I want her to have a say, and for now, I wish her say would say, "Say hey, no way."

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