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In Which Everyone's Pretty And Nothing Hurts

Willoughby. Diner. Elena and Katherine ask where the cure is. Big hair Kiki turns to Elena and says, "What? No I'm here to avenge my annoying little brother speech?" Elena is stone cold. "People die. We move on." Katherine knows the score, so she announces it: "After turning off our humanity switch. So sad for the boys, though. Their special snowflake of human frailty -- gone." When Elena remains silent, Katherine adds, "Well, if we're going to be a while, I'm going to grab us some menus." Rebekah sticks fork through Kiki's hand and into the table, like she's the latest entry in Becky's butterfly collection. "You're not going anywhere." Rebekah and Kiki bicker. When the waitress comes to their table, she freaks at sight of Katherine's hand. After a kick from Elena, Katherine compels the waitress to forget what she's seen. Rebekah wants the cure and tries to compel Kiki to tell her where it is, but Kiki is smart enough be on vervain, unlike the rest of these chuckleheads. Becky wonders if Kiki is going to use the cure to kill Klaus. Katherine says she has no intention of being within "sniffing distance" of Klaus, but thinks the cure makes a great bargaining chip in exchange for her freedom. Elena smirks at that. "Oh, you poor victim. Where's the part of your plan where you screw us over and somebody dies?" Kiki says she has no plans to screw them over. I'm sure she's ready to improv, though. Rebekah snags Katherine's cellphone and tosses it to Elena. On the calendar app, Katherine has scheduled an appointment at 2:00 to meet "em." As background, I'll mention that somewhere in there, Rebekah reminisces how Katherine inserted herself as if a wedge, between Klaus and Elijah. Also in there, Katherine makes some claim that she's not bad; she's just drawn that way.

Klaus Haus. Real Caroline arrives in response to the 50 bajillion messages she's received from Klaus. She warns him that this had better be life and death. Klaus thinks she's Silas, now and yells for her to stop hounding him. Caroline is not deterred. She's just peeved. After all, she's serving on three prom committees. She's only there because of Klaus's phone stalking. Finally, Klaus believes its Care Bear, but still asks for proof. Caroline says, "Okay, I don't know if this is some new way of flirting, but it sucks, and I have more important things to do." Yeah, like delegate the assignments from at least two of those committees, girl. Klaus tells her about Silas stabbing him and leaving a piece of the stake, inside. She brings up how he ran Tyler out of town and killed Carol Lockwood, so she's a little surprised he'd call her for help. Klaus reminds Care that if he dies, she and all her friends die with him. He wants her to cut the stake out of him, and nods toward the bloody clippers lying on floor. We cut to..

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