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Lockwood Mansion: When Tyler asks his mother about the old cellars among the ruins of the old Lockwood Estate, she says they don't talk about that. Tyler -- thinking he's onto some clues -- asks her why, but Carol only says, "Well, this is the South, honey, but no one likes to reminisce about the old slave days." At any rate, Ty is going to have a party at the old swimming hole. Carol warns him to be careful, as the family would be liable were someone to get hurt. Mason just smiles and looks pretty, trying to distract me from the fact that this scene was mostly meaningless.

One the Road Again: Damon claims Elena is just pretending to hate his guts. Alaric points out there's no pretense, as he killed her brother. Damon says there's a big asterisk next to that stat, since Jeremy's still alive. He then claims he saw the big, gaudy ring on the Germ's finger, all along. Elena is sure Damon is lying because...well, because they've met before now.

Fortress Forbes: Stefan brings Bonnie over to cook up a daywalker ring for Caroline. Bonnie is even less thrilled with the idea of giving a ring to Caroline, than Caroline is with the particular ring they've chosen for her. Stefan finally tells Bonnie if she can't yet trust Caroline, she can at least trust him. Finally convinced, Bonnie lays down the rules. As the witch casting the spell, she has the power to de-spell it, and so there will be no more murder and mayhem. The actual spell is silent and free of special effects, so Caroline doubts her friend's abilities. Bonnie ends that conversation by whipping open the curtains and letting the sun shine down on her freaky friend. She smirks as she leaves cranky Caroline to poor Stefan's care. People think Bonnie is being terrible about both Damon and Caroline. I say Bonnie is the only person in the know who has a well-tuned moral compass. I love Caroline and Damon both, and I don't want to see them go anywhere. I'd get aboard any redemption story for either of them, but the fact remains they are unstable -- and murderously so.

Duke: Alaric blah blahs about Isobel until he finds Research Assistant Vanessa Monroe, a former student of Isobel's. She leads Alaric, Damon and Elena to Isobel's shrine... er... office and says she'll grab the light, yet instead she leaves the room. Damon's the first one to clue into how weird this is, but even he's too slow. They turn around to find Vanessa with a crossbow aimed right at Elena. Damon Stealth-Salvatores between Elena and Vanessa in the nick of time, and takes the arrow for his would-be love. Commercial.

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