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Hungry Like The Wolf

After Elena manages to remove the arrow from Damon's back, he intends to kill his attacker, but Elena forbids it. Damon and Elena bicker, and he accuses her of trying to manipulate him. Meanwhile, in another room, Vanessa freaks out to Alaric about Katherine Pierce and the supposedly dead Damon Salvatore being right in the next room. Elena and Damon enter and Elena explains she's Isobel's daughter and Katherine's descendant, and that Damon is the Damon Salvatore. Elena then pleads for Vanessa's help.

Woods: Stefan takes Caroline bunny hunting. Ooh, bunny. She's freaked out over that, and the fact that she's missing Matt, and the big party at the old Lockwood swimming hole. Stefan tries to calm her by insulting her and exalting himself. "When someone becomes a vampire, their natural behaviors are amplified.... As a human, I cared deeply for people -- how they felt. If they were hurting, I felt their pain, and I felt guilty if I was the one who caused it..." And once he became a vampire, the very sun shone out his arse [paraphrase]. Caroline: "So, you're saying that now I'm basically an insecure, neurotic control-freak... on crack?" Stefan smiles as he says he wasn't going to put it exactly like that, but mollifies her by promising he'll take her to the Lockwood swimming hole party after their hunt. "Matt is the closest connection you have to your humanity, so being around him is a good thing." I don't know, Stefan. I'm pretty sure he's going to be magically delicious. Pudding Pops generally are.

Duke: Vanessa gives Elena a box of Katherine's stuff, and Elena plucks some vervain from it and gives it to Vanessa for her protection. Damon demonstrates his vamponic hearing as Elena explains some basic vampire mythology (vervain is helpful, vamps have super-hearing, but do not read minds) and Damon 101: "He's very capable of being a first-rate jackass."

Swimming Hole: Tyler waxes horndoggishly to Matt about Amy Bradley's newly hot ass. Um? Okay. Matt confesses that things are a little off with Caroline, but he doesn't know why. Their conversation is cut short when Brick House drives up. He warns Tyler to move the party off the premises by nightfall, and reminds him of Carol's liability concerns. When Brick House drives off, he eyes Caroline and Stefan with serious intent. Stefan returns the gaze in kind and Caroline teases him about his "serious vampire look [...] which is different from [his] worried vampire look, neither of which stray too far from [his] 'Hey, it's Tuesday' look." Hee. These two have some surprising chemistry together. When Stefan asks if she thinks he's too serious, Caroline throws back his, "I wasn't going to say it like that," quip. They're both smiling as they walk off. Care Bear really hit the nail on the head, there. I mean, I love Stefan and Elena together and were she real and my friend, I'd tell her she belongs with him, but both Stefan and Elena are quite serious, so it's nice to watch the sparks fly when they play off characters like Caroline and Damon.

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