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Hungry Like The Wolf

Caroline comes up to Matt while Amy "Hot-Ass" Bradley is flirting with him. Overcome with jealousy, she compels Amy to "go find somebody single to stalk." Matt doesn't know from compulsion, but he knows from rudeness and tells her it's lame that she's been dodging his calls, but then shows up to play the jealous girlfriend. Once he walks off, Stefan calls Caroline out for compelling someone for such a shallow reason. Caroline feels like everyone's sticking up for Hot-Ass, and frets about her magnified jealousy issues, deciding she'd be better off dead. "My entire personality is killing me."

Duke: Damon tries to bribe Elena with a promise of information about Katherine. He'll give it, if Elena will resume their friendship. Elena says he's now the manipulator. Vanessa and Alaric interrupt to share some Aztec werewolf legend that can be traced through Virginia and the curse of the sun and the moon. 600 years ago, an Aztec shaman cursed vampires, making them slaves to the sun and werewolves servants of the moon. Overtime, vampires became the prey of choice for werewolves, but the vampires turned the tables and hunted their hunters almost to extinction. Still, legend has it that the werewolf bite is fatal to vampires. As Vanessa gives them the backstory, we cut to Brick House setting up a elaborate system of chains down in the dungeon at the Lockwood ruins.

Twilight; Swimming Hole: Stefan encourages Caroline to talk to Matt, who is packing up the kegs and taps to help Tyler get everyone off the grounds by dark. Elena calls Stefan to warn him about werewolves and their vamp-fatal bite, so Caroline goes to Matt to hash things out. Since she knows how he feels about her, he expects an end to the drama. Caroline apologizes, promises things will be better and kisses him. He blushes and leads her off into the woods. When Stefan realizes his baby vamp is missing, he goes to find her. We cut to a now nearly nekkid Brick House, sweating and chaining himself up . He mixes some concoction in a bottle, but before he can drink, he hears Tyler and Amy approaching in the woods, above. By the time they make their way down the stairs, Mason is gone and Tyler is putting the moves on Hot Ass, who, still under compulsion, seems mainly concerned with whether or not he's single. We cut to Mason, who is back above ground. He chains himself to a tree near his truck and bays at the moon before falling to the ground and clawing at it. In obvious distress, he and his chains make their way into his truck. The full moon rises high in the sky as we cut to COMMERCIAL.

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