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Hungry Like The Wolf

Duke: When Elena comes across an old portrait of Katherine, she asks Vanessa about doppelgangers. Isobel didn't have much info on Katherine, but Vanessa knows that doppelgangers typically torment their look-alikes and try to undo their lives. When Damon teases some information, Elena asks him if he knows something or is just being himself. Damon doesn't like her attitude, so he's not in a sharing mood. Elena tells him, "Friends don't manipulate friends. They help each other." Damon thinks this over, which we can tell because he overdoes the eye-thing.

Cellar: Amy stops kissing Ty, saying she's changed her mind. But who doesn't find a musty old dungeon/torture-chamberesque cellar romantic? Hot Ass doesn't, that's who. She also doesn't like Ty. She likes Matt. Even though the moon is full, Ty's not in a date-rapey mood, so he lets her go.

Forest: Stefan hears a lupine growl and traces it to Mason's truck. When he nears it, he notices claw marks in the dirt. He approaches the rear window carefully, slowly -- but there's a growl and then a pair of wolf eyes are staring back at him. And then it bursts through the window, knocking Stefan to the ground as it takes off into the woods.

Duke: As the Mystic Falls crew leaves Duke, Vanessa offers her services to Alaric. Yeah, I think she means it that way, too, but Alaric warns her off, saying it's life-consuming reasearch. He admits that Isobel eventually became her research. After that, Vanessa dials it down a little, content to look at the pretty if she can't touch it.

As Elena struggles to get in the locked car, Damon unlocks it and tries again to get her to talk to him. She just wants to leave, but Damon gives her pause when he presents her with an old book he found, entitled, Petrova. It seems Katherine Pierce is actually Katerina Petrova and was originally from Europe. Looks like they're tying her backstory into Nina Dobrev's Bulgarian heritage. Nice job, show. Elena is grateful for the book so Damon makes another plea. He acknowledges she has every right to hate him, while reminding him she hated him before they became friends. "It would suck if that was gone forever... So, is it? Have I lost you forever?" She will only thank him for the book as she gets in the car.

Woods: Caroline and Matt find a quiet place to kiss, but first they're interrupted by a distant growl. Caroline's too turned on to care, though, and gets rather assertive with her man. When she pushes him against a tree trunk, he cuts his wrist. She leans down to look at the wound, then kisses it and then licks it, because I told you Pudding Pops are DELICIOUS! Finally, she sinks her fangs into his wrist and freaks him out before attacking his neck. Fortunately for Matt, and for us, Stefan arrives and pulls her off. Matt falls to the ground and Caroline starts to regain her composure. They can hear the wolf circling, so Stefan says they'll have to run off to lead the wolf away from Matt. UM!? What if that plan fails? Nobody listens. They just run -- at least until they find Tyler who is just ascending from the Dungeon of Doom. Before the trio can talk, Caroline is jumped by the werewolf. It leans over her slobbering and growling until Tyler yells a authoritative, "NO!" No one is more shocked than he when the wolf runs off. I wonder if that moonstone he found last week makes him Uncle Brick House's master or something. I also wonder why Ty didn't turn when Mason did. Is it because he was underground and out of the moon's reach, or is it just not his time? [If they keep living together, maybe their cycles will sync up? - Zach]

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