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Hungry Like The Wolf

Woods: Caroline compels Matt to think an animal attacked him and bit his neck. When she asks Stefan what to do about Tyler, Stefan says he "took care of it." Caroline mustn't know that Stefan's diet leaves his compulsion powers a little lacking, because she just accepts this, which is not her way. Anyhow, Stefan says they'll need to start Matt on vervain to make him less of a temptation to Care Bear. She's overwhelmed with guilt and regret. Matt is the last person she ever wanted to hurt. She wonders if she should leave him. Stefan says he can't help her, there. He knows he should have walked away from Elena, but he just can't.

Meanwhile, Tyler finds Mason's truck. He looks in the busted rear window and finds his supernatural mystery uncle's shorts. Lordamercy, you know what that means? Here Mason comes now, artistically smeared with mud -- which I'm sure was a terrible chore for the makeup artist on the show. Poor thing. Look at that, will ya? He's a brick HOUSE. He's mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out... but not for long. He asks Tyler for his shorts, and Tyler complies. Party pooper. There's probably other talk between them, perhaps even an acknowledgement that Mason is the wolf, but I can't concentrate.

The Mystic Grill: Caroline arrives to find Matt and Hot Ass talking quietly. As she watches from afar, Care Bear's feelings are written on her face: first jealousy, then regret, love and finally resolve. She takes a deep breath, steels herself and then marches toward the table and deliberately makes a scene -- chasing Amy off with no compulsion, just cattiness. Once Hot Ass is gone, Caroline continues the act and lets Matt think she's intent on perpetuating the drama. Disgusted, as she knew he would be, Matt turns away. Caroline is brave here -- so brave. She takes another deep breath and then loudly asks if he's breaking up with her. Matt's voice is gruff as he says he is. When he leaves, Caroline and her valiant heart take a seat. I think she's going to be a better vampire than she was a human. Oh crap. That means she's doomed, doesn't it? Noooooooooooo!

Gilbert Gables Living Room: Jenna's having a glass of wine when the gang returns from Duke. Alaric enters the house first and alone. Before he says anything he takes Jenna in his arms and kisses her. He stops only to say, "I should have done that this morning," before going back for more. Woo! So much better than Scum.

Gilbert Gables Porch: Damon tries to convince Elena that road trips work well for them, but she's had enough. She demands that he tell her the truth about whether or not he saw Jeremy was wearing a protect-o-ring when he snapped his neck. Desperate to reestablish their connection, Damon admits he did not, and that it was just a lucky break. He doesn't know what he would have done if Jeremy had truly died. He apologizes with plenty of eye-things thrown in -- gratis. Elena thanks him for his honesty but then tells him he has lost her forever. Damon says, "You knew that already, didn't you? You used me today." Elena: "You had information about Katherine that I needed to know." Damon: "I thought friends didn't manipulate friends." He waits a beat, then adds, "You and Katherine have a lot more in common than just your looks." This stings Elena, which is stupid BECAUSE ELENA, GIRL, HE TRIED TO KILL YOUR BABY BROTHER! Ugh.

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