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New York Dolls
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Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Elena cried a lot.

Currently on The Vampire Diaries, we open in 1977, at night. Damon is playing possum on a New York City sidewalk. A couple walks toward him. The man tells the woman to stay back, and approaches Damon, whose super speed move is less of a Stealth Salvatore, and more like teleportation. He kills the woman first. The terrified man turns to Damon. "You're that serial killer, aren't you? The Son of Sam." To punish me for my growing contempt for Season Gore Cure Bore, Damon fails to wipe the blood off his lips and chin, even though he is the Felix Unger of the vampire world. He shrugs at the man and says, "Son of Giuseppe, but close enough," then sinks his fangs into the man's neck. The Talking Heads start singing "Psycho Killer," which makes me miss Alaric. Damon walks off with the blood of his victims dripping off his maw. Troll. Title Card.

New York City. Present. Day. Elena and Damon walk down the street talking about their trip. Damon says that since she was acting so reckless in Mystic Falls, she needs to be somewhere full of so much life that a little death goes unnoticed. It's time for some fun. Elena asks what the catch is. Damon insists there is none, as if Elena had never met him, before. We cut to...

Mossy Manse. Stefan is on the phone. "What do you mean, you took her to New York?" I don't want to brag about the years I've spent studying the genre, Stefan, but I'm pretty fluent in Vampire. I think that means HE TOOK HER TO NEW YORK. Damon mocks Stefan's tone and his concern, so Stefan assumes that means Damon's search for Katherine is off. Damon then explains the catch he just told their girlfriend doesn't exist. His friend, Will, whose heart he ripped out last week, used to live in the city and dealt in fake IDs for vampires. Damon is sure Katherine was one of Will's customers.

Stefan says, "And Elena is okay with this little field trip? Just yesterday, she was living the vampire high life. She doesn't want the cure." Damon: "That's why I didn't tell her." Stefan warns Damon that if Elena figures out his game, she'll bolt. There's more Cure Bore, discussion that assumes Elena's life is theirs for the running, and a mention of Silas, but relaying it to you is only mildly more appealing than slitting my wrists. The Exposition Fairy taps me on the shoulder and says, "Hey, I've got kids to feed." I know, EF. I know. I just can't take it anymore. Do what you have to. I'll be over there, waiting for the end of the scene. Oh, here comes Elena. She's got a pretty new haircut and is sporting pink streaks. When she smiles at Damon, he ends his call. We cut to...

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