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Other Point In the Woods. Bonnie's eyes are still white. Her nose is bleeding and she's crying out in pain, when Stefan finds her and asks Aja to stop because this is all a set up. Aja is disinclined to listen to a vampire until he adds that Bonnie working for Silas. "He brainwashed her to kill you." That's all Aja needs to hear. She draws a dagger, holds it over Bonnie, and tells Stefan, "If Silas has her, she's lost. We can't save her." When Stefan tries to get Aja to wait a minute, she inflicts him with a mystical migraine and magics him into a tree. "I have the power of twelve witches. You don't stand a chance." Commercial.

After the break, Klaus and Caroline find Stefan, who says, "They're linked. Bonnie's going to kill them." Klaus pushes Stefan back against the tree. "Not if the witches kill her first." Caroline insists they save Bonnie, so Klaus points out, "The only way to stop the witches is to kill them, and then Silas gets what he wants."

Over in the circle, Aja implores the spirits to take Bonnie's soul and free her from darkness. She holds the dagger over Bonnie's chest and prepares to stab her, so Bonnie screams. I guess she can see through those all white eyes. Hearing her friend cry out is too much for Caroline. She Stealth Salvatores into the middle of the circle, grabs Aja's hand that's holding the dagger, and forces her to shove it into her own chest.

Klaus screams out, "No!" Aja is the first witch to drop dead. Because the other witches were linked with her, they all follow suit. I know it's supposed to be horrifying, but the way they flop over is nearly as funny as Rebekah's "Excuse you," scene. Caroline looks around as the gravity of her actions sinks in. Then she remembers Bonnie, so she kneels beside her and calls out her name. Bonnie opens her eyes. They're still freaky-white (and sort of light blue). She smiles and says, "The triangle is complete." We cut to...

NYC. Rooftop. Elena's flirting with Damon and suggests she could be tempted to hang and party with him, and then turn her "emotions" back on. When she doesn't get the reaction she's seeking, she adds that she's never "done it" on a rooftop before. Damon is stand-offish as he tells her she's not missing much. Elena reminds him he doesn't have to take the high road, since she's not "sired" to him anymore. "I want this. You want this." Finally, they kiss. As things heat up, Elena slides her hand into his rear pocket. At that, Damon pushes her off and takes out the list he swiped from Will's records. "Looking for that? Did you really think that was going to work? The sex? The temptation? The booze? Are you kidding me? I invented that trick." We flash back to...

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