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So anyhow, Klaus suggests Elena could be behind the missing blood, but decides to indulge Stefan for a bit. "Well, let's say for a moment that it was Silas. I'm struggling to see how this affects me." Me too, my brother. Stefan reiterates the whole Silas mythology, which I hate to death. And honestly, each time someone on the show regurgitates it, it leaves the audience either comatose or confused. I'm going to skip, skim, and boil it down to what matters right now. Silas wants The Other Side destroyed, so that he can take the Bore, die and be reunited with his dead human love, on non-capitalized other other side. Stefan explains to Klaus that if The Other Side is destroyed, every dead supernatural will return to "our side."

Caroline is accustomed to talking to jock Tyler, so she breaks this down into smaller words. "That means every werewolf, every witch, every vampire. I wonder how many of those you personally killed. Care yet?" Klaus: "My interest is piqued." That makes one of us. When Klaus asks how they can stop Silas, Stefan answers, but all I hear is buzzing. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with my TV or my hearing. I'm just blocking out further exposition about the massacres, Triangle of Terror, and the rest of this convoluted business. We cut to...

NYC. Damon brings Elena to Billy's, which is a pretty rundown, relatively empty bar. Elena is as disappointed as I am. "I was promised hedonism." Damon: "Well it's early. Hedonism isn't a big fan of the sunlight." As Elena looks around, her lip curls. "Or soap." Damon smiles. "Easy, Judge-y. Not everybody got a hot new haircut today. Just give it a couple of hours. This place will be crawling with more punked out nihilists than you could eat in a decade. Trust me. [...] I spent most of the '70s here. The Factory was too clean. CBGB's was too high profile. Billy's -- Billy's was the underground of the underground." We flash back to...

1977. Billy's. Damon enters the crowded club and gives Will two IDs from the victims we watched him kill at the top of the hour, which would be well and good, except that he didn't roll them. He just left them lying there and walked away with their blood still dripping down his chin. I remember it all too vividly. In reference to the woman's ID, Damon says, "That's the third 5'7" brunette I've gotten for you, Billy boy. Is that the same client?" Billy says, "She's a runner. Some vampires need more identities than others." KATHERINE! They keep invoking you, but you don't write. You don't call. You just pop in, imitate Elena, get Jeremy killed, and pop out. Where's the love, Kiki?

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