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New York Dolls

When Damon eyes the crowd and vamps out, Will (Billy) cautions him to be discreet. Damon says that wasn't part of the deal. Will just shakes his head and then heads off to his office. When two patrons start fighting, Damon intends to play the Biting Bouncer, but he's stopped by Lexi. Lexi, Really? Okay, Show. I'll buy that. She chides him for being ready to feed on someone right in the middle of a crowd. "You're getting sloppy, Damon." Tell me about it, Lexi. He doesn't even wipe his face. We flash forward to the...

Present. NYC. Billy's. Elena is amused. "You got Lexied?" Before Damon can respond, Rebekah Stealth Salvatores up behind him and slams his head down on the table. Maybe she's my Anti-Exposition Fairy Godmother. At any rate, she's not pleased that Damon is following a lead, without including her. "Poor form, Damon." Elena's amusement vanishes. Commercial.

After the break, Rebekah spills the beans about how Damon is following a lead to the Bore. Damon lies. Badly. "I brought Elena here to feed. I mean Mystic Falls is hardly vamp Xanadu right now." Another (less amusingly spelled) Xanadu reference. I like to think the writers got blitzed one night and watched the movie, which I just realized, right now, I have never seen. I've got the song stuck in my head though, I tell you what. Damon dissembles some more, with a smattering of truth about how, back in the '70s, he'd flipped his humanity switch. We flash back to...

1977. Lexi strong arms Damon out of the club and lectures him about flipping his switch and failing to cover his tracks. "We heard about you back in Mystic Falls." Is the show trying to make think Damon was really the Son of Sam, or is there just a big vampire grapevine? Since real people died at the hands of the Son of Sam killer, I'm not inclined to play along, Show, so I'm deciding there's a vampire grapevine. Anyhow, Stefan dispatched Lexi to straighten out Damon. And Damon is thrilled. "I'm not him, and I don't want or need you." Lexi is undeterred. "Too bad, 'cause you've got me." Lexi has always been fairly awesome. I will be sore if her appearances in Season Gore Cure Bore turn her into a chore. For sure. We flash forward to the...

Present. Rebekah says, "Wow. She sounds dreadful." Right? Don't make Lexi dreadful. Damon says she had a Mother Theresa complex. Elena winces. "So, let me guess: After many dark nights with Lexi, she convinced you to turn your emotions back on, and that's exactly what you plan to do with me." Elena, I don't think Damon turned his humanity (don't call it "emotions") back on until Season 1. She doesn't listen. She's too busy walking away, so Damon calls out to her, "Do you read the last page of a book first, too?" It's a rhetorical question (and possibly a shout out to spoiler seeking fans) so Elena doesn't respond. When Damon heads to the bar to get "many drinks" Rebekah goes to Elena and asks her if she really buys what Damon's selling. Elena says, "Not one bit. I know he's after the cure. I'm not stupid." Rebekah: "Well, let's not say things we don't mean." Ha. I love her. Elena kind of does, too. She smiles and compares Damon and Stefan to a dog with a bone. She says they won't give up until they find the cure and force her to take it, so she plans to find it, first. Rebekah laughs that Elena is playing Damon. Elena says, "No. He's playing me. I'm just returning the favor." We cut to...

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